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10 Mistakes You Must Avoid in Interior Design to Save Time & Money

10 Mistakes You Must Avoid in Interior Design to Save Time & Money

Though the best part about interior design is in the experimentation with different colors, textures, furniture, accessories and so on, but this can sometimes cause serious problems for the novice interior designers. It is important that you have some points in mind before you start the project of interior design so that you can save your valuable time, work and money that the mistakes mentioned below can cost you.

1 – Let Other People Decide for You!

You should never let someone else decide on any part of your interior design unless it is your partner or a professional interior designer. Your house is your home, and as such should be decorated with your own tastes, and not with those of other people around you. You are supposed to keep that the ideas that others offer you in mind, but you should only use them if you really love them and they are worth including in the plan of your interior design.

2 – Pick the Paint First!

You should never choose the color of paint for your home before the interior decorations. With so many different colors of paint to choose, you are actually only wasting your time, since when you decide on other accessories, you will find that the color you chose is no longer the one that combines better with your planned interior design.

You should not make the mistake of buying the gallons of paint as well based on the sample label. It is advisable that you buy the smallest container and paint a part of the wall, and then see it in the natural light, and decide if it is the suitable color for you interior design.

3 – Wear Different Styles All Over Your House

It is true that you do not need to decorate your home all in the same style, but your home should not be a sign of all the existing interior design styles. Avoid decorating a room with the minimalist style, another with the Tuscan style and another with the oriental style. If you want to use different styles, you should try to choose some that are similar and keep some of the elements in common such as the color scheme.

4 – Buy Things You don’t Like Much out of Impulse!

Just like clothes, never buy furniture or accessories that you do not like much. It is not enough to buy a sofa just because you like the color, but you also make sure that it is the perfect size for your room, that is comfortable and that, for example, does not easily get dirty if you have small children in your house. Therefore, you have to think seriously before you buy something for your home to use part of the plan of your interior design, and make sure that it meets all the necessary functions for your situation.

5 – Put All the Furniture against the Wall!

You should avoid putting all the furniture against the wall for the reason that this will turn your home into a boring and unstressed space. You have to create a flowing space by putting the furniture in a way that the people in your home can share and your home will have warmth and will be more comfortable.

6 – Buy Low Quality Furniture

This tip is simple that you do not buy a poor quality furniture in case you want these to last for many years. If you want to buy quality furniture at cheap cost, it is better that you look for the deals, use coupons and buy on special occasion to save money and get the bargain you want. You should not settle for something cheap with poor quality, or you will end up having higher costs in this regard in the future.

7 – Stay with Something out of Obligation

That table that your parents gave you as a present when you married did save your life, but you do not have to have it for the next twenty years or till it has seen its good days. It is sensible that you just keep the items in your home that you like and are a part of your home décor. You are not supposed to feel compelled at all to keep anything for the reason that it was given as a present or for any other reason if it does not match with your interior design now.

8 – Spending on Unnecessary Things

There is no reason at all why you have to spend thousands of dollars on a piece of art, unless you have the funds to buy such expensive items. I assure you that the items of cheap interior design will also give your home a good style and comfort you desire. Thus, you should not spend on an item that is fashionable this year because next year it will be out of style and you will be in need of replacing it if are the one who always wants to keep the house updated with the latest styles and decorative items. You can invest in the classic pieces or cheap versions of what is fashionable, since you probably will not use it for much longer time.

9 – Choose the Colors that don’t Match

You do not need to force the colors or textures that do not match them to do so. You better decide very well the color schemes you will use in your home and the textures. You should also keep in mind how certain colors make you feel; if you want to have a relaxing ambience, an orange room is probably not the best option for you.

10 – Have the Home Messy

If your home is messy with things thrown around, it will never look good, no matter how much you have invested in the interior design. You must make the efforts to keep your home tidy if you want it to look good, always.

I very humpy request you to avoid these mistakes, so that you do not ruin your interior design with these common mistakes and waste your time and money.


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