10 Tips to Make Your Baby Sleep with Comfort

10 Tips to Make Your Baby Sleep with Comfort
  1. During the first three weeks, you can wrap your baby in a blanket to make him feel more secure and comfortable, and he/she will more easily maintain a pleasant body temperature.
  2. It is not advisable to lie down immediately after eating, but allow some time to pass as it may cause reflux and vomiting.
  3. Do not accustom your baby to sleep in your arms, because he/she will not want to sleep in a crib or co sleeper and will wake up as soon as you let him/her go.
  4. Before bedtime, it is recommended that you relax the baby, for this you can give a good bath with warm water, accompanied by caresses and massages, and it is very important that it is every day at the same time, so that the baby will learn that right after the bath comes the bedtime comes.
  5. Put it in his/her crib or co sleeper before you go to sleep, so that he/she will learn his/her place of sleep. When you buy a co sleeper, read more and more reviews to find the perfect so sleeper because it is about the comfort of you baby.
  6. If the baby wakes up in the middle of the night, you do not go immediately, because on many occasions you will go back to sleep quickly, and this is highly recommended for the baby to learn to sleep alone. If you spend a few minutes and notice that the baby is not falling asleep immediately, go to his/her side and try to calm, caress and speak in a soft voice without turning on the light.
  7. It is very important that you sleep the baby during the day. It is a mistake to think that if the baby takes a long nap in the morning or in the afternoon, he/she will not sleep at night; in fact, tiredness may keep him/her from falling asleep.
  8. At the stage where you are still breastfeeding, you offer the baby when he/she wakes up at night, but he/she may not be hungry, and what he/she wants is to feel your comfort.
  9. We recommend that your baby’s room is a space in low light where tranquility reigns and you can moderate the noises around, so that the baby can fall asleep. In the crib or co sleeper, there should be no pillows, clothes or toys prevent any harms.
  10. After 6 months if he/she wake up at night, you should teach him/her to sleep alone. If he cries, caress him/her and explain that he should rest in his own space.

1 – Provide a Transition Object

The idea of transitional object is to make your baby learn that he/she does not need you at night, and alone he/she will calm back to sleep if he/she wakes up. A transitional object is anything that calms and comforts your child, he/she can hold on to something in particular like a doll, a blanket, a pacifier and the like, but you can also create that need, giving your baby the same every time you make him/her sleep.

2 – Maintain a calm diet.

If your child is only a few months old, he/she will probably still get up to ask for food, as he/she grows up, you can begin to space the nocturnal shots when your pediatrician considers it prudent, so that the baby spends more hours without eating.

If your child still asks for milk at night, I advise you to make it as quiet as possible and try to feed him/her when he is still sleepy, and do not give him/her time to wake up, so do not turn on lights or talk to anyone and little one will understand that it is time to rest and not of playing.

3 – Bath

The nocturnal bath is ideal to relax the children before sleeping, however I advise that if you live in a very cold place, do not wet your child at night, instead you can give a good massage and follow the other steps of the routine.

4 – Leave the Baby Alone

Another best advice I can give you is to withdraw before the baby falls asleep completely. When he/she is sleepy, but not asleep at all, kiss him good night and leave the room without regret. In the first few weeks, your child will probably cry, but after a few days he/she will get used to this practice.

This routine is a great way for the baby to share time with your partner, allow them to help you strengthen the bond they have. Try the routine and hold on to it and if you go on a vacation or are in someone else’s house, try to follow the same steps to put the baby to bed. There are many methods to sleep a baby, so what you choose depends on your lifestyle and your way of nurturing to meet the different methods. Now I recommend you to visit this site to learn more about babies and the important products they may need to facilitate the sleep like a co sleeper.  


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