11 Effective Tip to Remove Acne

11 Effective Tip to Remove Acne

In this article, I am sharing some effective tips with you to get better results in your acne treatment.

  1. As you are very young, forget about moisturizers and give your skin the hydration it needs, 1.5 liters of drinking water a day. If you do so, you have covered skin’s needs and avoid exposing it to formulations that could be harmful to the infection.
  2. And as for age, your skin is smooth, so forget makeup powders until the acne has healed. True, there are special makeup (oil free without petrochemicals) but if you want to end up with acne as soon as possible, wait to heal the skin.
  3. If you have any trouble or you have a headache and you are going to take a drug to kill the pain, it is better to opt for the paracetamol instead of ibuprofen as long as your doctor agrees. Ibuprofen is not the best choice for sensitive skin such as yours. Side effects that may result include digestive system disorders and anxiety which affect the skin negatively.
  4. If you have acne on the forehead, you may choose a hairstyle with bangs to hide but, sorry to say, that if you are overweight, you do a disservice to your skin on the contrary.
  5. And, of course, forget about handling pimples or the infection may worsen.
  6. Although there is still some disagreement among doctors about whether certain foods are detrimental to acne, what we do know is that a clean and relaxed bowel helps to have beautiful skin. So it is better not to take ‘strong food’ as fatty meats, chocolates, bakery, alcohol, energy drinks and spicy foods.
  7. If you have problems of marks and scars, choose foods rich in vitamin E. The cold-pressed wheat germ, sunflower, corn and olive oil are rich in it.
  8. To prevent the sun strike acne marks and worsen the state, you have to go out with sunscreen on the skin of SPF 50.
  9. Stress also aggravates acne. I know that if you go through a difficult time. Always try to be calm and relaxed. But maybe you can ally with any recourse to free you from stress. It can be from a sport with physical wear like swimming, running or climbing stairs (it is a very cheap resource) or sit and meditate. Your skin will thank you for all of this.
  10. Avoid cosmetics with mineral oils and oil derivatives such as Vaseline and parabens.
  11. And in this plan of anti-acne care, you cannot miss an allusion to rest. Your skin fight against this infection, so you need to give it enough rest with cotton linens washed with mild detergent.

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