12 Steps to Install a Remote Car Starter

12 Steps to Install a Remote Car Starter

There is nothing so convenient to be able to start your car remotely and let it heat up before entering it to drive to your destination. Although initial instructions for installing a remote car starter can be a little intimidating, it is much simpler than it first appears to be. All you require is some tools, a voltmeter and a little knowledge go a long way to install this component.


  1. Remove all components, cables, connectors and other elements of the package. Inspect the contents to ensure everything is present before starting the installation process.
  2. Read the directions which come with remote car starter where you can find some helpful hints and tips that are unique to your brand and model.
  3. Understand all functions and switches in your car and remote car starter. Turn on and off the lights, check all indicators and test power locks. By doing this, you know for a fact that everything is working correctly.
  4. Now sort out and mark the cables for installation i.e. cable, power cable, boot cable and ignition wire.
  5. Use connectors so as to connect the cable to your car of power cable to your remote starter. Some cars have two power cords, if this is how your car is wired, use a voltmeter to regulate which of the two cables have the heaviest burden. This is the power cord to use when engaging your remote starter.
  6. Wire remote starter to the cables on your car. Sometimes, it’s just a wire. Other vehicles have two or more ignition cables to include in the connection. Now relay together and try to ensure that its conduct a current of 12 volts.
  7. Find the vehicle cable and connect it to your starter’s cable; it’s responsible for heat, control of the blower fan and air conditioning.
  8. Search for parking light Switch wire in the harness off the light or go in the back of the car. If your car has one for both sides, include both the connection. Cables or wires must be connected to the connection of parking light on your remote car starter.
  9. Connect the brake cable to remote starter and look for this cable to the brake light in the rear of your vehicle. If you do not see it there, check all the brake pedal. This wire is sometimes in a cable package on the brake pedal. If you do not find it there, check the back of the vehicle.
  10. Connect the ground cable to remote car starter and find an area that is unpainted metal.
  11. Ensure the proper functioning of starter cable to connect the tachometer. Check vehicle’s wiring diagram if necessary.
  12. Disconnect the current alarm of your car and perform a system re-test. Everything that worked before installation must be working in proper order. If it is not working, track your steps for any errors that you may have made during the process.

I hop this content has helped you and you can do it on your own now.

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