2 Best Gaming Laptops Under $500 By Acer

2 Best Gaming Laptops Under $500 By Acer

Nowadays, gaming is more than an ordinary addiction and you cannot call it just an activity to pass some leisure time for the reason that it literally many people are fed by this industry. People are now going crazy for the games, be it the elder ones or the ones who cannot even talk properly, the addition is just everywhere.

When we are talking about the addiction of gaming, every tech that is related to it has the same importance, as no one can play games without having the right tech devices for it. Now we have a wide variety of the gadgets through which one can enjoy playing different games, from PS3 to Xbox and the gaming world simply never ends. But what if you are not looking to buy a Play Station or such gadgets? The answer is to get a laptop that is specifically meant for gaming.

1 – Acer Aspire

This laptop has all you need, if you are looking to buy your first gaming laptop you must give this laptop a chance and change the way you think about laptops. It is under 500$, it stands above the other laptops that are under 500$. If you are on a tight budget you must give this laptop a try. No matter what in every review charts you will see this laptop on the top positions, not just because of the price tag it has but also because of the features it had got. The I5 processor performs solid and has all that you want from a strong processor. The screen is in HD so you can see all those graphics in a sharper way.

2 – Acer Espire E 15

Another under $500 gaming laptop to put your attention into which comes with a 6th generation i5 processor with 25 GBS of solid storage that you can use for storing different games. It is worth of value, and there is so much good in it that you get at such a low price. Acre carries a reputation in gaming laptops, which means that there is something always different with the laptops given by the Acer. It has one USB port, and has a 15-inche screen on which you can play the games with complete fun.

Now you know about the best gaming laptop under 500 by Acer, so it will be much easier for you to choose one now.

Gaming laptops are a must have if you are addicted to playing games. The best thing you can do is to but a laptop that is under 500 dollars, there are other laptops also but choosing the one which is especially meant for gaming is the only option you have to go for. Now what will that do? It will save your effort and money at the same time. Now we do also know that such laptops are very expensive, but there are also other options that you can consider, now many brands are offering good gaming laptops at very low rates. Now you may ask how much low is that! It’s less than 500 dollars, amazed right? You might suspect if you can the best gaming laptop under 500, but it is 100% true. Now see the following list of gaming laptops and choose one for yourself costing under 500 dollars.

Acer Aspire

This laptop is one of those laptops that are topping the gaming laptops charts everywhere. If you are on a budget this is the laptop that you must invest in, as it is the perfect value for the money you will spend on it. It has a strong I5 processor and the HD screen that will turn the level up of your gaming experience. The design and quality both are very impressive with the price tag it has. It has a large hard drive which means that you can store the larger games on it easily, and play them with comfort.

Acer Ultra Book

If you are willing to get a laptop that is lighter in its weight, you must go for this one. It only weighs 3 pounds which means that you can take it with yourself anywhere you go, and there is not extra weight going with you. The processor is generally wreaker as compared to other gaming laptops, but still you will be able to play a whole list of games that you have never played before. It comes with a 20 GB of SSD storage which means that you can store many games in the laptop as well.

Acer is a good brand has been introducing the high quality and durable gaming laptops for years up till now. Their quality and functioning are always reliable and more importantly with all this you can get the best gaming laptop under 500 dollars.


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