2 Tips to Make a Great Instagram Profile for Business

2 Tips to Make a Great Instagram Profile for Business

Making and having profile of your business or company in Instagram is very easy, so just businesses create their accounts. However, making your Instagram profile a success is what will make the difference in this social network. The following tips can help you create the perfect Instagram profile for your company.

1 – Create a Plan of Flexible Publications

If you post too many images, you risk losing Instagram followers, as they may feel irritated by the saturation of your presence in their feeds. Always think about what and when to publish. Do not post content without quality just to keep your Instagram profile updated, but publish images that can strengthen your brand and build connections with your audience on Instagram. In this regard, having a schedule can be a good idea and measure results to know what time of publication and content types were more interesting to your Instagram followers.

2 – Reward Your Instagram Followers

Rewarding your followers is an incredible way to gain new Instagram followers and maintain the loyalty of those you already have. With a product, for example, offer exclusive discount codes for those who follow you. It is a means of generating interest in your brand and ensuring that your customers will return to keep abreast of the latest news about business.

1 – VSCO

VSCO is one more application for super complete image editing, and, best of all, it is free. This app comes with default to add to your photos, which give a much nicer and professional look, but also, you can edit all details such as brightness, contrast, shadows and even skin tone filters.

The interface of VSCO is very simple and it allows you to edit the photos already present on the camera reel or you can take pictures with the application itself. It is free, but it has filter packs that can be purchased within the application. It is available for Android as well as iOS.

2 – Flipagram

This application is ideal for anyone who wants to tell a story, gather the best, or display photographs in sequence to share with his or her Instagram followers. In the application, it is possible to do something like a ‘slide show’ of photos and, even better, choose a soundtrack to accompany it. You can gather pictures of the best moments of an event or show the variety of products available from a store. The possibilities of using this application are many. Filipagram is a free app and is available for Windows Phone, Android and iOS.

3 – Magisto

It is an editing application, very practical and complete for videos. In this app, it is possible to cut and edit videos in a simple way and you can also add images and soundtracks to the edition. Most of the functions are automatic and their use is simple, being ideal for when you need to make a fast edition of videos. Magistro is free and can be used on Android smartphones, iOS and in almost the web browsers i.e. Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.

4 – Facebook

Yes, Facebook is an outreach tool for Instagram. Through Facebook, you can access Power Editor and from it, you can connect your Instagram account and create ads you want to link to the social network of Instagram. For those who already have some experience with Facebook Ads, it is a simple and quick task. The paid ads on Instagram are a great opportunity, so consider making a campaign there. Facebook Power Editor is free and can be accessed from the web browser.

5 – InstaLooker

It is a reliable Instagram private profile viewer. With InstaLooker, you can view a private profile very easily and all you require is the valid username of Instagram account and a visit to the official website of InstaLooker.


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