20 Inspiring Quotes about Friendship

20 Inspiring Quotes about Friendship

Friendship is a delicate yet the strongest relationship in our lives as we choose to make friends. It is a selfless relationship in which we keep our offerings, demands, and expectations openly to our friends. I this piece of writing, I have compiled a few inspiration quotes about friendship which reveal what the great writers think about friendship and thinkers of the literature world.

  1. Friendship is a love that is not communicated by the senses.
  2. Every new friend won in the race of life perfects us and enriches even more so of ourselves we discover.
  3. God save me from enmities of friends.
  4. The friend who knows how to get to the bottom of our hearts like you do neither advises nor berates since loves and is silent.
  5. It’s hard to be a good friend of friends, without being something of equity enemy.
  6. There is an infallible theory about friendship: you always have to know what you can expect from each friend.
  7. Friendships are certain no one can disturb.
  8. The good and true friendship should not be suspicious of anything.
  9. It is no blood relationship but true friendship.
  10. Friendship is stronger than ideas.
  11. Friendship is a form of discretion that does not admit cursing who slanders.
  12. Friendship is no less mysterious than love or any of the other faces of this confusion that is life.
  13. Friendship is a nostalgia for walks and talks aimlessly, shared in labor in morning cafes.
  14. Blessed who has a friend.
  15. As with good friends, when we are talking invariably the same, but always leave enough temporary space between a meeting and another for our contributions to the conversation seem to us novel.
  16. There are many kinds of friends including two. One class is based on affinity of temperaments, or community of ideas, or coincidence of interests, or anything like that. Another kind of friendship is not based on anything. It is friendship by friendship.
  17. The difficulty to talk about friendship is that the words, in this case, manifest themselves in a hopeless failure.
  18. There are far fewer friends than you can believe in good times, but there are.
  19. It’s hard to have as friends to all, just not having them as enemies.
  20. Know that when one is a friend of himself, so is the world.

I hope you like these quotes about friendship and will share them with others.


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