3 Budget Friendly Drain Cleaners

3 Budget Friendly Drain Cleaners

Today I am going to share with you the best drain cleaners that you need to try if you have clogged drains with hair, and dust particles stuck in them. All of these cleaners are affordable, plus they will also last you longer. So let’s have a look at them now.

1 – Pure Lye Beads

This is a different kind of drain opener and there is not any fancy tutorial on this one on how to use, but the fact is its very safe, not only you are able to store and use it for a real long time but also you are able to take its work in few minutes. This comes in a beads form, very small but don’t go on their size as they are very potent, never keep them in your hands without wearing any kind of gloves, now let me tell you why. These beads are activated with the use of water. So if you keep them on your hands, they may get activated by the heat and moisture from your hands, which can actually cause harm to your hands, and I am sure that you really do not want that at all.

2 – One Shot

The name actually tells the quality of this product, this is also alkaline based one, it comes in a liquid form, very runny. With this one you need two cups filled with it, and one cup of water, pour it in the drain and see the magic only in few minutes. It can also be used for cleaning the floors and stains. This is very cheap, and if you are willing to have unclogged drains in your home, you must keep using it once a week and the results will surely blow your mind.

3 – Scotch

The directions for using this one are not very tough. You need to use two cups filled with this one, and then pour that in the drain. Within half an hour you will see the result. Also, by using this cleaner you will get extra fresh smell in your bathroom and kitchen, and basically this is the reason to why many people around the globe are using this drain cleaner. Still, if you are looking for more options, I will suggest you to go to The Review Gurus where you can see more brands with more detailed reviews of the best drain cleaners available with discounted prices.


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