3 Films to Watch at Christmas

3 Films to Watch at Christmas

The festivities awaken the most varied feelings are those waiting anxiously to see the family, those who prefer to get away as a couple, which if not depressed together with friends, those who love the warmth of a fireplace while snow or those who prefer the heat of summer dancing in the street with neighbors who ignore Christmas and take it as a day and those who hate the holidays directly. 

But one thing no one can deny is that Christmas is a good opportunity to see a movie. There are several Christmas movies that made history, others make fun of the holidays and there are those that go unnoticed. Here I share a list of the best movies to watch on Christmas.

1 – Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987, John Hughes, USA)

What can you add to this classic Thanksgiving? In the Thanksgiving Day executive Neal Page (Steve Martin) wants to return home to the famous dinner, but due to bad weather flights are canceled. A series of events and coincidences lead him to spend the night and to share a room with Del Griffith (John Candy), an annoying door salesman with bad jokes that never stops talking. But above all things with a huge heart and a positive attitude.

2 – The Salesman of Roses (1998, Victor Gaviria, Colombia)

For those who want to suffer, this dramatic film tells the extreme conditions in which children and adolescents living on the streets of Medellin, awash in misery and drugs. Approaching Christmas in hope for many of these young people is renewed. How does it happen? Will they get enough money to enjoy at least that night? Will new clothes be bought? The film was an official selection at the Cannes Film Festival.

3 – A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas (2011, Todd Strauss-Schulson, USA)

This film is a crazily hilarious tribute to political incorrectness. In the third installment of the adventures of these two friends, Harold Lee and Kumar Patel is no longer frequented by all the problems caused together. But on Christmas Eve Harold and Kumar hit the door to reconciliation and burn by mistake the Christmas tree, the precious jewel of the father of Kumar. It is then that the two embark on an adventure through New York to find a tree that serves as a perfect replacement. The film is not a gem like the tree but is ideal for entertaining to enjoy with friends.


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