3 Important Fitness Machines to Use at Gym or Home

3 Important Fitness Machines to Use at Gym or Home

1 – Bike

This activity has no impact on the joints. It is, therefore, suitable for overweight people. The bike works the thighs, calves and a little on buttocks. You may also have effects on the lap belt and small muscles around the vertebrae provided that you are well placed i.e. straight, without slouching on the handlebars, lengthening the back and releasing the shoulders. Do not just press the pedal. It is necessary to coordinate the support and the reassembly of the pedal to balance the effort on the inside and outside of the thighs.

2 – Rower

It is the top of fitness machines. If there was only one machine to use, it would be the rower. It makes the legs, the abs, the back and the biceps work. It is ultra-complete and it makes you sweat. It is also very effective for back strength training, and therefore it is excellent for those with back pain.

Ideally, it should be practiced 30 minutes 2 to 3 times a week, but in 15 minutes, it is already very effective. For proper, you have to be very well placed. You push back with the buttocks, you raise the shoulders and you keep the alignment of the arms, then in a second time you pull the bar.

3 – Leg Press

It is used to work the thighs with a focus on the quadriceps, the front part of the thighs and but also the glutes. With the back flat against the back of the machine, for beginners, there is slightly less risk of back pain than with squats.

You must adjust the weight at the back, blocks of weight located behind the machine. Once seated, feet stably positioned on the platform, you must press the small lever located to the right of the seat to unlock the platform.

Some people position their feet at the bottom of the platform, which makes the knees bend as much as possible at the end of the movement, which is not ideal for knee ligaments, especially with weights. It is better to position the feet at the top of the platform, even having the toe ends in the air, but the feet flat, pushing on the heels, which is the key to activate glutes.


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