3 Instagram Applications for Business

3 Instagram Applications for Business

The administration is one of the basic elements of carrying out any sort of operations and it is inevitable when it comes to handling business. When you are using Instagram in business, it is important that there is a publishing frequency and an accompaniment of the metrics. Good management of the profile in Instagram can be facilitated with the use of several tools like those listed below. If you need to schedule your publications or want to improve the user experience with your online store, check out the following apps.

1 – Instamizer

It is a tool which is excellent for those who need to schedule publications and handle more than one Instagram account. Through this, it is possible to create new publications and schedule your day and time, as well as publishing images and videos directly from the desktop to save time processing on the cellphone in addition to adding more than one account to manage. The tool has many points in favor, but one against is that the free plan is very limited. To get the most out of your functions, it is inevitable to pay for a plan.

2 – Iconosquare

Perhaps you know Iconosquare by its old name, Statigram. Despite the name change, its functions remain the same, and they are essential. Iconosquare analyzes the main numbers of your account and provides information about the most liked photos, comments and more.

Iconosquare provides general information, and even better, it analyzes monthly charts by category, engagement, and content, among others. It has free as well as premium plan, which depend on user’s demand. Iconosquare also works in the web browser.

3 – Soldsie

This application is ideal for Instagram sales tool. It promise to transform your profile into the social network in a virtual store. Isn’t it amazing? Instagram is not exactly a facilitator to insert selling links into published images, but Soldsie is here manage it and do that in your favor.

By registering your products in the tool, you can publish them in Instagram, and the users will have access to information such as price and availability, something that would take a little more time without it. Soldise works in web browsers and has paid and free plans.

I hope you will find these applications for your business useful and they will help you make your professional Instagram profile better and more convincing for the growth of your business to greatest heights.

What do you think about the tools for Instagram? I am sure that your experience with social networks and the experience of your audience with your Instagram profile in the network will be very efficient. Instagram is a good consideration and is indispensable in a marketing strategy when it comes to taking the advantage of social networks.

Instagram is a social network that allows you to publish content as images, videos and texts i.e. all the essential to the affirmation of the image of a brand. The applications launched by Instagram itself are good indicators of trends in the network such as Layout or Boomerang. You are supposed to stay on top of the details like this, so that you do not miss out on good opportunities. Speaking of news, we know that Instagram, recently added a new feature called Instagram Stories. Here I hope you have identified millions of opportunities in Instagram for your business and will get the productive advice of the tools I am going to mention here.

1 – Boomerang

Do you know that the content in video format is the future of marketing? So be careful with the videos you are posting on Instagram for the reason that they are very important. Investing in fun content, special montages and well-edited videos can be the starting point for a great return.

As Layout for Instagram, Boomerang is also an application by Instagram itself. It has its main function of making videos in a loop. This shoots several photos in sequence and then finalize in a video that goes back and forth, almost like a GIF. Its function allows creativity and take reins to make various funny videos. Once done, it is possible to edit the speed and proximity of the frames, and also cut some unnecessary parts. Boomerang is also free and can be downloaded on Android and iOS.

2 – Latergram

It is a scheduling tool of publications, but it has a few more options. In addition to the possibility of scheduling, it is possible to make simple editing such as cuts directly on the platform. It also provides a visualization of the publications by calendar, so it is possible to visualize, in a simple way, which posts are already scheduled and, thus, to optimize their management. The tool works directly in the web browser and has free as well as paid plans.


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