3 Smartphone to Make Shopping List

3 Smartphone to Make Shopping List

1 – Supertruper

It is available for iOS and Android and can be considered one of the best free mobile applications to make the shopping list. Beyond its basic function which is to develop one or more collaborative lists, you have sharing options as well it with friends or family. This app allows the users to add the products directly to the list through the barcode reader, and not only this, the application has also a database of over 250,000 products and the prices updated daily.

Supertruper shows and compares the different prices of the same product in different supermarkets and also the attached graphics with the change of prices and highlights the promotional offers as well. Now it is not possible that you forget your grocery list on in kitchen counter because you can now carry it with you everywhere. It is a useful app for those as well who want to save on their purchase as it shows different special deals.

2 – Out of Milk

There are numerous applications to the shopping list in stores from Apple and Google Play and one of them is ‘Out of Milk’. It has simple interface with optional auto or voice recognition option. You can create one or several shopping lists with it as you name the products and sort them and even go padding or deleting the products already available in your pantry; it is infinitely more convenient and faster.

This application is perfect for the most easygoing or lazy people as its name suggests, you just say the product name aloud and without typing on the touch screen smartphone, ‘Shopping List Memo Pro’ adds it in the list. For example, you say ‘1kg tomatoes’ and the app identifies your voice and the item is directly included in to the shopping list.

3 – Shopping List Voice Memo Pro

Another advantage is that it has a section to scan the price of products and calculate the final cost of your shopping cart. But undoubtedly the most interesting thing about ‘Out of Milk’ is that it allows you to synchronize your charts with ‘the cloud’ i.e. you can edit the list from the official page of the application and from any web browser, and later you can run the app on your smartphone and take the shopping list wherever you go.

Since it is too facilitating, it is not free like the two apps mentioned above, but this app does not cost too much as you just have to pay 0.99 cents. Other than making shopping lists, it also has reminders and a notepad. ‘Shopping List Memo Pro’ is available in many languages including English, Portuguese, Italian, French, Russian, German and Spanish and many among others. It is fully compatible with Android operating system. If you are one of those who hate typing on your smartphone, ‘Shopping List Memo Pro’ is perfect choice for you.


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