3 Tips for Buying Beats Online

3 Tips for Buying Beats Online

Hip hop is here for more than twenty years. It has changed a lot during this time and my goal here is to provide you with some tips that you can use in making of your new music, so that the music you make is catchy and can help you for making a good reputation.

When you have the knowledge about the basics of creating music, it is very easy to create music that has different beats in it. Read the following tips to know what you have to do in order to make your music unique and catchy.

Making of a Hip Hop Song

There are 2 basic elements to a hip hop songs, the vocals and the beats. They consist of many parts. Let’s see an outline of all the basic things you must know, so you’ll see how the beat fits in.


This is necessary term to know in hip hop making, because if you do not understand it, you will never perceive what individuals are expecting from the hip hop music. The beat is essential, the entire song without the vocals can go, but the beats they are the base.

It always includes following;

  1. Midi patterns or drum loops that comprise the whole drum tracks.
  2. Sinps and dubs

The beat is often short or long. It depends on the maker to choose which length they want to use, no length is superior to another. Having a mixture of both is a good thing. In shortest kind, it has eight bars. If it is short, it is sometimes whorled over and bounce more. If its long, it should be made of various elements for verse, chorus and will add an introduction after each break. The song actually follows the classic pop kind that is of intro (making complete of 8 bars). This structure is referred to as basic arrangement.  It is often changed to match the music you want to create with the vocals being adjusted in.

Parts in Vocal Tracks

There are following parts in a vocal track.

Main Vocal

Most players perform the rap.

Second Vocal

Many songs could have guest vocal or also known as the second vocal that takes one or two verse.

Background Vocals

They are typically created to offer a way that the song has some matching rhythms.

Overdubbed Vocals

Throughout the chorus and at alternative elements that creative person needs to emphasize, the vocal is also doubled, tripled or maybe quadrupled.


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