3 Tips to Save Cost on Your Wedding

3 Tips to Save Cost on Your Wedding

1 – Choose Simple & Elegant Invitations

Simplicity is premium elegance. A simple invitation on white paper and in black ink may be a thousand times cheaper than an expensive and elegant and colorful invitation. You can also save your sending invitations to a printer instead of a calligrapher or what is more, you design them yourself on the computer and print them on beautiful paper. Limit your invitation to skip the basics and inserts some decorative elements. You can also skip RSVP card if you offer your guests a method of booking, either by phone or electronically like website, e-mail, or blog for your wedding. And all of these options are environmentally friendly too.

2 – Budget, Budget, Budget!

Budgets comes first in mind when anything or service interests you. If you go to see a show that besides the place offers food service and beverage, request a budget with and without these services. After consultation with different providers of banqueting, compare them with your budget. Take the time to discuss with calculator in hand all budgets. With a clear idea of ​​the average costs and offers of different providers, you can negotiate with the supplier of your choice to come to an agreement where you save and you achieve it achieves a valued customer in you. Remember that your wedding has guests, and your every guest is a potential customer for your service provider.

3 – Negotiate with Anticipation and Intelligence

Do not let the last minute price negotiations. If you have already sent out the invitations and you come over time, your provider will have an advantage over you. It is better to negotiate in advance and without pressure. If you have found a service provider that you really like and want to hire, but their prices are higher, try talking to the person responsible for how you can lower prices. This is a very good strategy, for example, negotiate with a local florist as she knows what seasonal flowers are for the date that you are getting married, and can suggest cheaper and equal options nice to you have in mind for your bouquet, floral arrangements and centerpieces.

Another option to take advantage when the negotiation is to get together with friends who also are getting married. If two or three or more married friends will be negotiated with service providers to give them the best price, it would be something like wholesale services and any service provider has either two or three customers instead of just one. You can visit www.weddingstructure.com to find more tips in this regard.


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