3 Ways for Job Hunting on Android

3 Ways for Job Hunting on Android

The developers have made a range of tools that help make Android an effective personal assistant for someone running from one interview to another while churning out prodigious numbers of electronic or paper resumes. Here are three of the best Android strategies for job seekers in today’s economy.

1 – Use ‘Legacy Services’ on Android

One easy option is to go with some of the best known job hunter that offer job search services over the Android platform. One of the kingpins is the ever-famous and super-accessible Craigslist, which is essential for anything from recycling used furniture to getting into organic gardening to landing the right job interview.

Aside from easily browsing Craigslist on the Android, Android users can also get into other, more targeted job search sites like Indeed and Career Builder, or network through LinkedIn. All of these can help job seekers to get closer to their goals using a mobile device rather than a laptop or desktop computer.

2 – Choose out of Various Tracking Apps

Android users can also get new and innovative apps that help them keep tabs on the status for each resume that they sent. Whether it’s a private-sector resume, federal job application, or military pursuit, Android apps can help a job seeker see at a glance whether they have been moved on to additional hiring rounds or politely declined by a potential employer.

Apps like ResumeBear and Hireadroid, or the aptly named Job Tracker, are also favorites. Due to Android’s fairly open policy on application availability, many of these kinds of tools are accessible to carriers of this ‘open source’ smartphone. For resume building, please visit http://arnon-dror.weebly.com/.

3 – Look for New Apps in Development

Another strategy is to look for Android applications that are due to emerge in the future. For example, new reports show that the TNM and e-learning Edge companies are looking at coming out with a ‘New Media Job Hunter’ app that will help make it easy to scan and browse various kinds of career opportunities. Pre-released photos show a large and uncluttered visual interface with straightforward command buttons and neatly produced job summaries.

Tools like these can be another source of assistance for those tough job searches that can seem to take forever, especially for many younger users, there’s a lot of comfort in being able to neatly organize and pursue various jobs from the comfort of their mobile devices. As technology becomes more and more integrated into the human resources field, these kinds of Android resources are likely to prop up the career paths of America’s future workforce in many different ways.


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