4 Best Self-Tanners 2016

4 Best Self-Tanners 2016

Are you willing to get a perfect tan? If the answer is yes, you must read further as here we have many tips and different branded tanners for you that can help you achieve that perfect tan you have been looking for. Now let’s see what the best tanners are this year.

1 – Hempz Herbal

It is more like a moisturizer than a tanner, you can use it even if you are going under the sun as it has properties that will save your skin from the harshness of the sun. It will also hydrate your skin, and you can feel your skin is supple after the first application of this products. It has great smell that is not strong but you can feel it on your body, it is non greasy and the formulae is very easy to use.

2 – Millennium New Paint It Black

No doubt this brand is a reputed brand and is also very inexpensive which means that you can get quality products at very low price range. The formulae of this lotion reacts in such a way with your skin that provides supple smooth skin and glowing tan, now there is no anything else you would want from a tanning lotion.

3 – Tan Physics

You may have heard the name before due to the excessive marketing it has been through, this is number one when it comes to shopping for essentials on a budget. It is colorless when applied and after sometime you can see the color of tan on your skin, you can apply this on nay part of body and expect it to nourish your skin also. It also has anti aging and chemicals that can help your skin from recovering of sunburns.

4 – Fake Bake

You have to apply it with a mitt, don’t worry you will get it in the packing you also get a separate spray topper for it. It has 6 ounces of fluid in it, first you party the tanner on your skin and then massage that with the mitt, it will give you a complete flawless finish. It has a very tropical smell, and the good thing is that you can feel that smell for hours, without even worrying to apply the tanner again and again. It also has SPF that will save your skin from the harshness of the sun.

If you are looking ways to have tan skin without exposing your body to the sun, the indoor tanning lotions are the perfection solution for you. Here I will tell you two highly effective lotions so that you can achieve your desired skin tone.

1 – Tan Physics

Tan Physics is actually is number 1 self-tanner, moisturizer and anti-aging product for sunless tanning, a brand new global tanning lotion. Tan Physics genuine-color formulation is perfectly formulated to provide you with a wealthy and natural way of getting tan body in an effort to exceed even your highest expectations. It will make your pores go away and make your skin gorgeously bronze. However, it is formulated with distinctive anti-aging moisturizers that hydrate, replenish and repair your skin. It is time you say goodbye to your favorite moisturizers since you will not need it anymore.

Tan Physics is a tanner and anti-ager in 1 bottle saving you time and cash. It is simply an extraordinary product in the market of tanning lotions with multiple tasks. It is formulated to be hydrating. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, Tan Physics will depart you with tam color that is hard to believe. There are no streaks, no orange peel look. Tan Physics consists of a caramel shade guide, so that you can understand in which position you should get better results and in which you fail to get the desired results.

2 – Millennium Tanning Product

It is also the most reputable product of its kind. The latest version of the lotion also includes the auto darkening tan technology. It is mostly preferred for the reason that it is comparatively having longer lasting impact. It includes silicone emulsion blend which gives good moisturizing for the whole day. It is also renowned for its multi-tasking like an accelerator, bronzer and skin firmer. It is great for providing all-day moisture. It is greatly appreciated for the deep action tan coloration and outstanding glow. The fresh cotton bottom fragrance is liked by many tanners for the freshness it gives.

Accelerators and Maximizers

In addition to tanners, these are obviously going to tell you about themselves through their name. As their name suggests, they tend to change the speed of tanning your skin. Always look into the amount of melanin they are offering as more melanin means more tanned skin.


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