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4 Excellent Tanning Lotions 2020

4 Excellent Tanning Lotions 2020

Tanned skin is really in trend these days. Even when people would love going to the beach and get their tanned skin; the scorching heat this summer, makes it a thought so impossible to happen. No one is really up for standing some extra minutes in the sun, to let their skin absorb the heat and make them sun tanned. And the temperature makes it a righteous decision as well. So what to do if you want a tanned skin and don’t want yourself baked in the sun also? Well, tanning lotions is the best bet for it. You can simply stay indoors and make your skin look perfectly sun tanned. Isn’t that great?

There is a variety of tanning lotions in the market and it creates confusion, as to which one should you purchase. So here is a quick look at the top 5 best tanning lotions of this year as these are the best tanning products on market so choose any of them with confidence.

1 – Millennium Solid Black Tanning Bronzer Lotion 2020

This is one of the best top 5 tanning lotions of this year. This auto-darkeningtannerwill leave you in love with it as you see how wonderfully and perfectly, you gain your desired tanned look with this one. There is simply no competition for Millennium Solid Black Bronzer for sure. This amazing lotion is not just abronzer but is also a moisturizer for your skin. You get the double wellness treatment with it.

2 – Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Tanning Lotion

This tanning lotion comes with natural bronzers which help you gain the naturally tan and dark skin for this summer. It consists of Native natural oils, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. This helps your skin to stay hydrated and moisturized and not dry up as dry skins take a longer time span to get tan.

3 – Designer Skin Body Bronzer: Naked Ambition

Its summer and you obviously need to hit the beach with a tanned skin. And this is what Naked Ambition is all about. This tanning lotion gives you a glowing skin which is all your to wear and enjoy. Moreover, it makes your skin baby soft; what else would anyone ask for?

4 – New Sunshine Designer Skin Bronzer

This tanning lotion comes with ultra-defined gold and promises to deliver the best bronze look to your skin. This is the best pick for people who have tanned their skin previously also. It also aids in decreasing the lines that start forming on your skin and makes it look younger and better. Nothing beats this!

It is a fact that the legs with a touch of tan color can look more shapely and firm, in addition to hide excess fat or cellulite. However, doing it from home has its tricks, after all, nobody wants to end up with orange peel skin, or with irregular brown tones. To avoid these small accidents, arm yourself with confidence, get your best miniskirt and a reliable self-tanner and learn to tan your legs in four easy steps mentioned below;

Step 1: Get Rid of the Hair

Waxing or shaving is essential because it prevents the color to saturate the pores or the application is uneven. You can do this at the last minute with razor blade, although the effects that provide depilatory creams or waxes are more durable. You decide between different methods of shaving the legs what you need.

Make sure shaving is as flush as possible and try to do contrary to the birth of your hair. Pay special attention to knees and ankles and hairs on the bikini line because they are often the most difficult areas.

Alternatively, the laser depilation trend from the comfort of your home has been growing significantly. Note that this is approved by the FDA if you live in the United States, and it is compatible with your skin tone.

If you have any confusion, you can talk to Samantha by sending her an email at samantha @ tanningcare and get the professional advice for free. 

Step 2: Exfoliate!

Perhaps it is the most important step. It is well-known that before a sunless tan, you should exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells and this time is no exception. You can use a commercially prepared scrub on the surface of your legs, allowing the color of bronzer to adhere and the application is foolproof.

Rub your legs with the mixture for a minute or two, especially in knees and ankles where there is more dryness and rinse with water. It also prevents ingrown hair and reduces red spots that remain after shaving.

Step 3: Give Color to Your Legs

After thoroughly drying your skin, it is time to color with the product of your choice. For legs with a credible tone, it is essential to know that you cannot always change is the course of nature and it means that you do not expect to end with a skin like Naomi Campbell if you were born with the skin color of Nicole Kidman. It takes into account the following options to liven up your legs;

Sunscreen Spray

One of the most problematic but once you master it, the results can be phenomenal. It lasts four to seven days.

Suntan Cream or Mousse

It is ideal for beginners. Formulas with light textures allow easy distribution and lasts three to five days.

Colored Oils

They are perfect to enhance a natural tan or provide a subtle color if you go on holidays. Its effect lasts one day.


Yes, you read right. The facial tanners have the power to give that tan twist to your legs without exaggeration, but the application can take hours. Powder mixed with cream work great and also last a day.

Step 4: Keep Your Tan

Use a body cream for gradual contribution as it could save time and money in the future. The application is simple, moisturizes in depth and almost always get a soft tone without absurd colors or blotches and help maintain the tan you accomplished in the previous steps. Use it daily as part of your beauty routine.


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