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4 Factors about Dabbing You Need To Know

4 Factors about Dabbing You Need To Know

There is no doubt that evolution is the part of human sense, and in every era you can see how humans have evolved the basic ideas around themselves in order to get something as alternative to what they are already using.

Here we will be talking about the smoke, and there is no doubt that every human being in this planet knows that smoking does harm them in one way or another, be it the physical effect or the effects on mind. So what we have done here? We have come up with a solution that makes this activity of smoking slightly not only different but also change the amount of harsh components that we take. This is the procedure of dabbing that here I am taking about.


This is basically an easier procedure in which you can smoke different concentrates, and the good thing is that it is less harmful as compared to smoking what we normally see people doing. On the other hand, there are some factors that must be kept in mind when you are choosing a dabber for yourself, as there are many kits and kinds from which you can choose, so it’s better to have some tips on your belt to see which can work for you better.

Choose Small Ones

Know that if you are willing to smoke more flavor than the smoke, choose a dabber that is smaller in size; what is the effect you may ask? Well, from the first time you use it you can see how much it is different of an experience for you. You can call this skinners also, as this is like a baby, and usually these dab rigs are cheaper, and it also depends on the factor from where you are buying these. The smaller mouth pieces also lets you taste the flavor more, so if you are into flavor, you have to give the smaller ones a try for sure.


The weird thing is that you can also directly smoke a flower or a bud from the basic part, well, it surely sounds fun for many people, but getting it right requires some tricks, some people say that you have to boil the flowers first and then use that water and flowers, but it can also work if you just dampen the flowers a little bit before smoking them. It can also help you for taking larger hits at once.

Monster Globes

The thing is that even if you take the monster globes, know that there is no reason to choose a huge bong, as the dab rig, the reason is that you will only be pushing through the chamber, so there is no such need for that.

Here is all you folks, now you may be looking for some dab rigs to get your friends or for yourself, guess what we have the best dab rig deals here that you can benefit from right now.

Dab rigs are used to smoke legal extracts through a water pipe. There are many things which should be kept in mind when a person buys a dab rig such as;

  • Will it be a good one providing a good experience?
  • Will it be in the budget?
  • Will it be harmful to the lungs?
  • Is the concentration as regular smoking or is it higher than that?

The next thing is related to the parts of the rig, the first thing which is to be purchased is the torch.

The Torch

The torch may cost you a little higher based on the color and quality. If the quality of torch is good, it will more effectively heat the rig and give a better experience and will definitely be long lasting. So it is recommended to buy a good quality of a torch which will be less harmful to the health, moreover, it is not a thing that needs investment on a regular basis.


The second part is the rig itself, the person who is purchasing the rig should keep in mind that what size and material he wants. Different types of rigs can be purchased such as rigs with multiple chambers which would give an appealing effect to the user. Then showerhead percolators are also a very interesting type while inline diffusers can also be interesting while using the rig, but it depends on the personal taste of the user. There can be some problems with these that it will get clogged easily which may be frustrating for the person using the rig. It is recommended that if the user wants to experience new things, this is exactly what he should try, but if the person has less patience, this is not the right choice and a plain rigger would be the perfect choice for the user.

Buying a cheap rig is not an option for the people who want to experience pleasure through the extracts and concentration on a daily basis, so it is better to buy a good quality rig.

What to Keep in Mind?

The buyer must keep in mind that the nail often breaks, which are normally made up of glass and ceramic, so the user must buy a good and well-designed dabber which has a less risk of cracking, but this should be kept in mind that it can break anytime. There are a lot of parts related to the dab rig, so one should be having proper information about it so that he can purchase it according to his needs and likes which is extremely important. It is a solid investment and the most important thing is that one should never use someone else’s dabber as it is possible that your taste differs from the other.


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