4 Famous Brands of the Best Purses & Wallets

4 Famous Brands of the Best Purses & Wallets

Charlotte Olympia

From an early age Charlotte Dellal had her passions very clearly in life which are cinema, Hollywood glamor and fashion. But it was until she delved into the career of fashion design at the London College of Fashion where she discovered her love for shoes. Since its inception, Dellal gave her brand identity and it was only a matter of time before Charlotte Olympia began to have an international presence. Although the main supply of Charlotte Dellal are shoes, two years after the birth of the brand, Charlotte launched a line of clutches and today has become must pieces for every fashionista. These little ordinary but irresistible designs range from a croissant gold plated up to a taco.

Anya Hindmarch

It was after a trip to Italy where Anya Hindmarch fell in love with a leather bag and decided to launch her own brand of bags. With some help, the brand that bears her name began to grow exponentially to become one of the most recognized bag in the industry. The designs of the London Anya Hindmarch stand out as having some sense of humor and an obsession with the use of traditional processes. Her prints are featuring characters from cereal boxes, everyday phrases and icons.

Louis Vuitton

It is a well-known a fashion brand whose foundation was laid in the year 1854 by Louis Vuitton himself.

Olympia Le Tan

This French designer lives encircled by the inspiration, known for making the classics of literature something every day to make them clutches. Moby-Dick, Lolita and Cinderella are some of the titles with which we can find among its offering of handbags always have a teenager spirit that is hard to resist.

Edie Parker

Brett Heyman is the creative mind of Edie Parker clutches. Her taste for fashion and especially the bags has always been there, but before launching her own line of the accessories, she was devoted to the public relations for major fashion brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci.

Brett Heyman was a collector of old handbags, and after receiving hundreds of praises for her great taste for this accessory, in 2008 she decided and began designing handbags inspired by the vintage collection but with a modern flair, the result is acrylic clutches with geometric silhouettes that can be personalized with the name of the owner or any word to make it a unique, original piece and especially ultra-chic.


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