4 Important Tools for Instagram

4 Important Tools for Instagram

It is to approach and analyze demographic information from your followers on Instagram. The tool is able to identify the main information of the Instagram users, organize it by filters such as the most influential, most committed, etc. and, from there, forming lists. It is great for identifying the opportunities and targeting your content in the best way possible. It works on web surfing and has free and paid plans.

2 – Etus

Just as some mentioned tools, Etus is also a platform for scheduling publications in Instagram. Its differential point is that in addition to the social network, it also schedules posts for Facebook and Twitter, which can be a great advantage in case you handle more than one social networks at the same time and look for a way to update them simply and quickly.

Besides that, it has some details as the set if default hashtags, which will always be inserted in publications, and also the insertion of emoticons, which can make the difference in your style of publication. You can access Etus through the web browser and it offers free and premium plans.

3 – Crowdfire

It is ideal tool for the mass scheduling in Instagram. Through it, it is possible to easily organize those who are your followers on Instagram, and also receive the notifications of people who have Instagram profiles similar to these and also have opportunities to become followers.

Besides that, it shows which users you follow on Instagram but they do not follow you back, list of who stopped following you and your new Instagram followers. It is a good tool to find opportunities and execute well directed actions for your Instagram followers.

Crowdfire is also free and works in the browser and can be installed on smartphones with Android and iOS as well.

4 – InstaLooker

Are you interested to view private Instagram photos online? If you have a positive answer, you are at the right place as here I will let you now a tool that works online known as InstaLooker.

This is a free tool to view private Instagram photos online. It is the easiest and the fastest possible way in this regard for the reason that you do not have to download any software or application. You are simply required to paste the username of the Instagram user and InstaLooker will return with access to view the photos of your desired Instagram account.

1 – Repost for Instagram

Have you already gone through the situation where you wanted to publish in your Instagram profile a photograph that was posted by another Instagram account holder? As the social network does not give the option of sharing other publications such as Facebook, or like on Tumblr, it is necessary to use alternatives to show in your Instagram profile the publication of another person. The aim of Repost for Instagram is exactly the alternative. 

In the interface of this application, it is possible to visualize the recent publications of whom you follow in Instagram and also to look for old publications in order to repost the content in your own profile on Instagram with the due credits, of course. The application is free and available for Android and iOS.

2 – Layout from Instagram

Layout from Instagram is a tool launched by the social network itself to make photo collage. Before this, there was already a wide variety of applications that did that role, some paid, others free, and, Layout for Instagram came from the identification of the demand for the styles of publications, which is very common in this social network.

Through this application, it is possible to make montages with the photos already present on the camera spool in several different Layout styles, or take pictures at the moment with the application, so that they are instantly arranged as a collage. The interface of this app is very simple to use. Layout for Instagram is free and available for Android and iOS.

3 – InstaLooker

It is usually in every human’s nature that when they are stopped for doing and accessing a thing, they become even more interested in that. It is well said that the apples on the other side are always greener. It so happens in Instagram as well when Instagram users find a private profile which they cannot access and their curious nature leads them to instantly start searching a way to learn how to see a private Instagram profile. Well, I can help you here.

InstaLooker is an online tool and it has been formed by its developers to help you see the see a private Instagram profile. InstaLooker is completely a tool free of charges. All you have to do it visit their website with the username of the person whose privet Instagram profile you want to see and enter that in the search box of ‘Check Account’ and the rest will InstaLooker do itself.


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