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4 Points to Consider Before You Buy an Air Filter

4 Points to Consider Before You Buy an Air Filter

1 – Speed

Almost all air filter models have incorporated different operating speeds. They serve to regulate the speed with which we want our air filter to act. We usually find night mode, turbo mode and intermediate mode. Intermediate mode does not say anything because its name says it all. The night mode works as a minimum return, drastically reducing the noise usually generated. Such noise can be heard at its peak when choosing turbo mode, with which the device maximizes performance and filters air faster. We usually use it if we are in a hurry or in situations in which inordinate amount of dust enters through the windows.

2 – Ionizing Function

The ionizer feature is also usually present in nearly all air filters, although there are some low-end still without it. What it does is emanate ions of negative charge, which by chemical bonds generate positive particles, usually the most harmful to our health from electromagnetic devices. With the heavier elements, which fall to the ground and are no longer a danger to us especially for the little ones. They disappear when we do the work of a general housecleaning.

3 – Activated Carbon Layer

The layer of active carbon is responsible for removing odorous particles. Coal filter is treated with oxygen, causing many pores opening between atoms. These pores are the free molecules which exert absorbent and are causing odors, gases and liquid contaminants to disappear from the environment.

4 – Noise

And here we come to one of the key points. It is what will determine how annoying an air filter can be without any doubt. Before you buy an air filter, you must be clear that an air filter is a mechanical machine, so it will emit noise. You will have to see the level of in the specifications.

Within the market, air filter boast to not produce noise but rarely drop below 30 decibels. We say this as a guide or reference, since this amount may be too high for someone and too low for a different person. One aspect to consider is whether we intend to have connected the air filter in our bedroom while we are sleeping. If we are in a very light sleep, we can have problems, so it is very convenient to consider the hours of operation. If you have ever bought an air conditioner, you will know what I am talking about.

1 – Suitable Dimensions

What is the right size? With air filter it happens that, as a general rule, the bigger they are, they more often have working capacity. It is not a determining factor in assessing the quality of an air filter factor, but it is when it comes to decorating your house and ride comfort, because sometimes air filters exceed 60 centimeters in length and it is completely impossible to camouflage them.

Moreover, the bigger they are, the logic dictates that they weigh more, so their removal is more difficult. Being a sophisticated apparatus, it entails some economic cost to the user, and you will normally have one at home, especially if it is high or medium range. Therefore, the person who does is move it from one room to another, because even you leave the air filter in a room and have all interior doors open in the house, it filters especially well the room where you are, while the others hardly notice the effect. You may reach it, but much less be like in the room of origin. For all these reasons, it is necessary to take into account their physical characteristics.

2 – Filters

The filter is like a motor car. It’s what makes its quality, but so far there is a huge variety as with automobile engines. The filter’s quintessential criterion is HEPA. You must be careful when you read the features provided by advertisers, as they often try to confuse the consumers without crossing the line of illegality or fraudulent advertising saying that the air filter has a HEPA filter type, when what we really want is HEPA filter. The ‘type’ is not the same, and it is said in terms of effectiveness, which is relatively similar. But to have HEPA filter, it must meet standards previously established by the competent organization, which are none other than catch with a 99.97% effectiveness, all equal to or greater than 0.3 microns.

Generally, what makes an air filter is considered low-end, mid-range or high-end, and it naturally is the possession of such a filter. If it is HEPA filter, you will find a substantial price increase and obviously quality in cleaning the air and results can be more than satisfactory for to fulfill your purpose. When you are interested in paying for an air filter, it is so necessary to make a sincere reflection to purchase.


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