4 Reasons Why You aren’t Losing Weight

4 Reasons Why You aren’t Losing Weight

1 – Eating small amount of fiber

The fibers are your best aid to digestion and release of waste. People who eat small amounts of fibers often suffer from constipation and problems with toileting. Consequently, irregular eating habits are adopted. If you are a person with slow release of waste, eat fibers in the form of fruits, vegetables and drink plenty of water. Feeling better means being able to eat better.

You should incorporate many fruits and vegetables to your diet as they are healthy source of fiber and low in calories. As for vegetables, you can eat all you want, they are a good source to get much accomplished without compromising over the quantity of your diet. For a plan with complete ingredients, opt for Slim n Save and fulfill your needs of fibers and other essential elements.

2 – Do you exercise

Exercise is not a method itself to lose weight, but it is a great help. It is a useless exercise if it is not accompanies with proper diet, but what undoubtedly you achieve with exercise is a higher caloric expenditure. If you combine exercise with a diet in which we eat less calorie than you spend, you will gradually lose weight, because metabolism will be forced to do what you rarely want i.e. use the fat to transform into energy.

If possible, combine diet and exercise at least three times a week. Never believe that exercise replaces the diet, it is the combination of both creating this synergy that makes you lose weight faster.

3 – Consumption of alcohol

If you are trying to lose weight, you should forget about alcohol for a while. It is highly caloric, and only a little quantity of alcohol can break your diet. Avoid other high calorie drinks like beer as well for good results. If your intention is to lose weight quickly, leave alcohol completely since even in small quantities, it is very fattening. Instead you can drink plenty of water or natural juices.

4 – Do not rest enough!

If you do not rest adequately, you tend to put on weight. A good rest swings your energy needs as it regulates the levels of activity and inactivity correctly. But if you do not sleep well, at least seven or eight hours a day, the metabolism will ask you to compensate for the chronic lack of food energy.

Keep a more methodical pace of life, have light dinner and go to bed early. Try to sleep at least eight hours to get up the other day fresh and rested. And do not forget that a good breakfast is essential to start the day.


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