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5 Best Baits to Traps the Rats

5 Best Baits to Traps the Rats

Rat traps are the only good way to get rid of rats before they cause any kind of damage. Rat traps are easily available at hardware stores, superstores, sometimes from your corner grocery store, and even online. There are a number of different rat traps available in the market, and you can purchase a desired one with ease. Online stores such as Amazon have a wide variety of highly economical and efficient rat traps that work, and can be bought for killing dangerous rodents. Rat traps cost between $5 and $20 and they are affordable by almost anyone. To make an effective use of a rat trap, the bait plays a vital role. Therefore, in this piece of writing, we will see the best baits for rat traps.

1 – Peanut Butter

The most popular and effective bait for rats is peanut butter. It is aromatic, delicious and sticky, which makes it a perfect choice. It can be used in rat traps that kill, and also in rat traps that don’t kill.

2 – Cheese

Another great option to attract the strong smelling sense of rats is cheese, but it may not be the best option in case of triggered traps, as the rat might steal it without getting caught. Poison can be added into cheese for killing rats.

3 – Chocolate

Chocolate has a sweet odor, it is tasty, and sticky as well, which makes it a perfect choice for being used as a mouse trap bait. Best pest control can be done by poisoning the chocolate, which will kill the rat.

4 – Bread

Bread isn’t sticky and also doesn’t have a strong odor, but it is still great bait for attracting rats into the trap.

5 – Fruit

A small piece of fresh fruit; or any dried fruit can act as good rat bait.

Rats are one of the most dangerous pests on the planet, and eliminating them is a must. Getting rid of these pests is not a difficult task, and you need little knowledge for making or buying rat traps that work.

Most mouse traps are reusable. The captured mouse can be thrown out, and the rat trap can be placed back for catching more rats. Simple glue rat traps may become useless once a mouse is caught; such traps are inexpensive and they can be thrown out along the captured mouse. To buy the best one, you can read rat trap reviews here.

Rats and their fleas can carry diseases which will spread throughout your house and into the foods they can contaminate. I know this sounds extreme, but it is a reality and if nobody is telling you this, they are actually doing you a disservice. You should not fall into the excuse that this is the animal that is harmless and all it is looking for is the food because it is hungry. And this is where the problem will start when humans give them food. You must not allow rats or mice to easily access food in or outside your home or else they will keep coming to your house because they know there is ample of food available in the area for them. Let’s see how to get rid of roof rats and mice.

To get rid of roof rats is easy with this 4 step process which are mentioned below.

1 – Inspection

If you see a rat in your attic chances are there is more than one. Inspect the area for signs of rats and mice such as rat feces and urine stains, gnawing holes and damages to cardboard boxes, sounds when you sleep up in the attic, etc.

2 – Access to Food

If you don’t allow rats and mice to get to a food source, they will stop coming to your house. Easy as that. Stop throwing nuts and sunflower seeds in your backyard for squirrels and birds because you’re basically welcoming rats and mice as well. Make sure your trash can has a lid to cover your food waste as well. If you have dogs remember to empty their food bowls and make sure the dog food is secured in a plastic bin. Make sure anything that can be used as a nesting ground for these rodents is thrown away such as shoe boxes and cardboard boxes. This is key for getting rid of rats in the yard.

3 – Cover Access

Once you remove access to food sources, you need to expect your house and make sure you seal any opening as small as half an inch. This goes to doors, screens, air vents, etc.

4 – Trapping

Now that you’ve blocked all access to new rodents from coming inside your home, it is time to buy rat traps or build a homemade rat trap to get the existing rodents out. This step is for getting rid of rats in the attic.


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