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5 Best Christmas Movies

5 Best Christmas Movies

It is easy to forget the true meaning of Christmas in the midst of many promotions and deals offered by retailers during the month of December. The gifts are a big part of the holidays and both children and adults expect to receive something. With all this, sometimes we have to remember that Christmas is more tightly wrapped package under the tree. These films of Christmas will help you remember the true meaning of the time. In a fun and lively way, you can bring your family and friends to see them together. This list includes appropriate subjects for the Christian family.

1 – Charlie Brown Christmas

The child, Charlie Brown, is always depressed, frustrated and sad because he sees no sense in what their friends do during the holiday season. While the main characters of the series of cartoons focuses on buying gifts and decorations for a tree, and prepare for a play at school, Charlie looks for the true meaning of Christmas. Everyone learns that it is the baby Jesus.

The movie is of 25 minutes with TVG rating. It was released in 1965 the genre of animation movies.

Moral of the Movie

Christmas is not commercialism. The importance of this time is that Jesus was born.

2 – The Story of the Nativity

The film recounts the story of the birth of Jesus, focusing mostly on the young Mary. It includes most of what we know about the birth according to the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, including the time that Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist.

The movie runs for 101 minutes. It was released in year: 2006 with PG rating.

Moral of the Movie

The birth of Jesus Christ was a real event.

3 – The Muppet Christmas Carol

Mr. Scrooge is a rich but hard-hearted man. Although he has the resources to help others, he tends to mistreat the poor and his own family. Based on the classic literary works of Charles Dickens, the Muppets Scrooge helps you learn what the true meaning of Christmas is.

The movie’s duration it 85 minutes and was released in 1992.

Moral of the Movie

Scrooge learns the value of giving and being compassionate with others. This brings joy to your life.

4 – The Magi

As you can imagine, it must have been an adventure of the long journey the Magi had. In this adaptation, friends and colleagues Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar are guided by a star during his journey in search of the boy king.

The movie’s length is 80 minutes and it was released in 2003.

Moral of the Movie

Even if you add more than what you owe to history, the goal of these three is to go and worship the new king.

5 – The Grinch

The film is based on the book ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas!’. Grinch is a character who lives alone and bitter in a cave with his dog Max. He hates Christmas and commercialism. Seeing the village residents of Who-ville cheerfully prepare for the day of Christmas, Grinch decides to go to every house to steal all the presents and trees he can find. Seeing that villagers remain cheerful even though they have lost their gifts, Grinch’s heart begins to soften toward them.

Movie’s runtime is 105 minutes and it was released in 2002.

Moral of the Movie

The joy of Christmas is not in gifts or decorations.


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