5 Best Maldives Hotels on a Low Budget

5 Best Maldives Hotels on a Low Budget

You are now planning to go to Maldives; you have planned the date of the trip and the duration but are worried about the selection of the hotel? No worries here we give you a list of best Maldives hotels, from where you can get the complete experience of Maldives at good prices and extraordinary services.

1 – Centara Ras Fushi

It’s on a 20 minute ride from the airport, and the good thing is that you can enjoy the nature while you are on the ride for your room. It’s not only outstanding but is really affordable with many amazing things that Maldives has to offer you. It’s an adult resort, which means that you can also enjoy the bars and the drinks here, surely it sounds more than fun. You get fully clean and tidy environment with complete privacy and good services. Lots of corals and the color full fishes will make you even happier. You can literally see the fishes underneath your villa, but don’t think to cook them, ok.

2 – Kuredu Island

Don’t go on the name, its named after the island it’s on. You need to stretch the budget a little bit. It offers a private spa for two, so if you are on your honey moon you can enjoy relaxing at one time and fun in the water at another time.  Mostly people select this due to its privacy; you can select your spate huts in the water that makes the trip really memorable. It’s also known as the Jacuzzi beach villa. Its perfect worth your money, you can customize your staying plan while staying at this hotel. Food and the tourism can also be included in the package if you want.

3 – Kandolhu Island

If you are looking for privacy, it’s the best among the Maldives hotels that you can go to.  It makes your dream trip wish come true, people also refer this place as a paradise on earth, so what else can you expect more! The waters and the white couches let you experience the best of the Maldives in complete peace and natural connection to Mother Nature.

4 – Reethi Beach Resort

It’s one of the cheapest among the list of Maldives hotels.  If you are looking for having some fun with other tourists also then you must choose it. In the day time you can enjoy your tanning while in the evening having drinks and dancing on the local DJ’s list will make your day into a complete fun filled day.

5 – Bandos Maldives

It also makes its mark as one of the cheapest in Maldives hotels. It offers privacy, where you can relax and have with your partner. It lets you have a perfect beach holiday without any hassle. With the beach view you get access to the real sea which is blue and very eye catching. It also offers a private ride to the sea.

It’s summer now and you have decided to visit Maldives islands with your bag packed and tickets ready, but don’t think that you will enjoy all what Maldives islands has to offer. As we all know that there are some certain tips that you must follow in order to ensure you get the fullest of this paradise.

1 – Budget Matters

No matter if you are a rich brat or someone who likes to keep itself on a low budget, maintaining the good budget is an essential part of every trip. Know the fact the trip makes you spend more than you have imagined, s making a plan for your budget and following the plan is very important. For this you can place the money separately so you might not end up spending all at one place.

2 – The Resorts

There are many resorts on Maldives islands that can comfort you, different islands and resorts different kind of luxuries, so it’s better that first you do your homework in order to find the one resort or restaurant that fulfills the needs that you have.

If you are willing to save some money or if you are on a low budget and are willing to spend more on other stuff, such as travelling and shopping then choosing the option of guest house is a good consideration.

3 – The Wi-Fi

Yes, it may sound weird on Maldives islands but if you are looking to stay connected with the real world this is your only option. Nowadays everyone’s has the option of surfing the internet through the phone so why not choose the luxury on the holidays.

4 – Perfect Option for Your Honey Moon

If you are newlywed then choosing the Maldives islands is like going on a paradise with your love. You have the beautiful colorful beaches, corals, sea and the sunsets. A perfect romantic getaway indeed. No worries, just you and your love. The best thing you can do is book a private resort it will help you to show your love and affection even more.

5 – Beware of the Uninvited Surprises

It means that you must check your bills in the middle on your trip; you can do this more than once. It is to insure that your trip to Maldives islands is not costing you more than you have planned or imagined.

6 – Know What Happens When You Get To Maldives Islands

According to Maldives islands time you get there on 4 pm, and you can’t go to your booked resort until the start of the next day. So one night you have to spend at the airport hotel, it might sound surprising but this is one of those rules that the Maldives islands administration has for the tourists. You can get to your resort only by the help of a boat, which is indeed a pleasurable experience in itself.

Take it in a good way, as you can enjoy your first sunset and first sunrise in a pleasant situation on Maldives islands.


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