5 Frequently Asked Questions about Bad Credit Contract Phones

5 Frequently Asked Questions about Bad Credit Contract Phones

It is really problematic situation for those who are going through bad credit contract phone issue as this takes their right of having a cell phone which is of course a must-have requirement for every individual these days. If you are also the one who is facing bad credit issues, you must be having some questions in your mind and because of not having their answers, you might still be in great confusion. Therefore, reading this article will be of great benefit for you as you will be able to get the answers to some of very commonly and frequently asked questions about bad credit cell phones.

Question # 1: Can I still get a cell phone if I have bad credit history?

Though, it is not easy to get a mobile phone when you have very bad credit history, there are still great chances for which you will have to do proper research and homework yourself that when you apply, your application does not get rejected.

Question # 2: What should I do to get acceptance?

There are actually various ways, but first you need to find out the companies which are offering packages for those with bad credit. If you can find the one which does not have credit check as a necessary requirement, the chances of your acceptance will be much higher.

Question # 3: How long the approval process might take?

Normally the approval process takes just few hours when you are applying with good credit history, but in case of bad credit, the company might consider evaluation process to make that you are able to pay bills or not and this process might take some more time than the usual.

Question # 4: Does getting a co-signer work?

Yes, it works, but you need to make sure that the one who you are taking as your co-signer has very good credit history or else there is no use of getting his/her services. He/She will actually work as your guarantor that you are capable of paying your bills.

Question # 5: Is there an alternative solution?

In case, nothing works in your case because you are failed to prove yourself an eligible candidate due to some reasons. You can use an alternative solution and that is buying a pre-paid phone from stores where you will also be given calling minutes.

Final Words

The above are five most frequently asked questions about bad credit contract phones issues and hopefully, the above given answers are helpful for you to deal with your situation.


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