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5 Horrible Cases of Medical Malpractice

5 Horrible Cases of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is simply professional negligence that puts a patient’s life at risk. Sometimes the carelessness can take a horrible form. So here we will put together some of those horrible cases of medical malpractice that will surely leave you astonished.

1 – Rhode Island Hospital

What are the chances of a coincidence to occur twice? Yes it is quite possible but what are the chances of a coincidence to occur thrice? The fact is that it is also possible as the Rhode Island Hospital experienced it in the most terrible way. The prestigious teaching hospital has witnessed three brain surgeries gone horrifically wrong in the same year. The first incident occurred when a third-year resident did not know how to use a checklist and mistakenly ticked the wrong side of the brain to be operated on. In the second incident, an experienced neurosurgeon despite claiming that he remembered which side of the brain contains a blood clot, operated on the wrong side. In the third incident, the chief neurosurgeon having discussed which side of the brain to be operated on beforehand ended up operating on the wrong side.

2 – Alexander Baez

Alexander Baez who is a former Mr. Mexico decided to get pec implants but was astonished to realize that he had got breast implants instead of pec plants. It turned out that the doctor operating on him was actually a fake.

3 – Carol Weihrer

After suffering from pain in the right eye for a long period, Carol decided to have it removed on the advice of her doctor. It was going to be a five-hour long operation. After sleeping for two and a half hours, Carol woke up in the middle of the surgery. Though she was paralyzed, she could hear and see everything going around her. According to her, the doctors were listening to disco music throughout the surgery and she was awake when they pulled out her right eye. It was later revealed that the anesthesia lacked required amount of sleeping agent.

4 – Daryoush Mazarei

Every now and then we hear about incidents where surgical equipment is left unremoved from the patient’s body. These unwanted objects are later removed when patients show symptoms of pain and other complications. But speaking awkwardly, Daryoush’s case was not that simple. After roaming around with a 10 inches retractor stuck in his chest after a surgery, he started complaining about the pain but everyone told him that it is only psychological. After a month of suffering, he underwent a full body CT scan and the retractor was finally removed.

4 – Kim Tutt

Kim Tutt went for a simple jaw X-ray when her dentist observed a lump on the left side of her jaw. It was revealed to her that she had cancer and would only live for 3-6 months more. Shocked by the horrible news, she consented for the operation which involved complete removal of her right cheek and its replacement by the fibula bone. The operation, though left her disfigured, was a success. However, it was later told to her that she never had cancer. These are some of the recorded horrible cases of medical malpractice.

Medical malpractices is basically an authorized reason of act that occurs when a therapeutic proficient deviates from principles in his or her occupation. As a results, it causes medical problems to the patients. It is when a healthcare professional breaches his/her duty of care which results even in the death of a patient or an injury is caused. Auspiciously, malpractice cases are quite infrequent, but when they do take place the consequences can be shocking. There are some people who speculate what kinds of healing might lead to remedial negligence. There are a lot of medical malpractices and for every type, you have to seek advice from a legal representative, so that you will know whether your case can be proved or not. Read below to know different types of medical malpractices.


A late diagnosis is a major cause of malpractice and this occurs when a doctor fails to diagnose a condition on time. Such a misdiagnosis is caused due to many factors and sometimes the patient is also responsible.

Childbirth Injuries

There are a number of injuries that can be caused by the medical malpractice to fetus all through pregnancy or to a child through the birth procedure. Some of these injuries can be fairly relentless like brain injuries, partial or full paralysis or fractured bones. As you know many of these cases are caused naturally, on the other hand, if a doctor’s carelessness caused these conditions or doctor couldn’t take steps to take care of the requirement according to the conditions of pregnant women during their early trimesters, it can cause serious consequences.

Medication Errors

The medication errors are the most common forms and they occur in many ways as like doctor might make a mistake, fail to take notice of potentially harmful drug interaction, administer a drug inappropriately or make a mistake on the initial prescription. In health care centers or in hospitals, this is one of the common forms of injury which results from the wrong prescription that is being given to the patient erroneously.

Anesthesia Errors

It is dangerous as compared to surgery issues for the reason that a small mistake by anesthesiologist can lead the patient to experience permanent damage to brain as well as death.

There are a lot more types of medical malpractices. God forbid, if you fallen a victim or someone close to you, I suggest you to take the services of Baizer Kolar P.C. – Chicago and get the rightful compensation.


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