5 Ideas to Save Costs on Wedding Dress

5 Ideas to Save Costs on Wedding Dress

Whatever your budget is, you can look like the queen on your wedding day wearing the dress of your dreams at a fraction of the price. No matter how much it can cost to have dream wedding dress, there are several ideas to have the perfect dress at an affordable price. In addition to buying clothes shown in liquidation for the season, or used in specialty stores, there are several options that can help you save your wedding expenses without sacrificing grace, style and elegance.

Here are some ideas to get the dress of your dreams without leaving the savings account to zero.

1 – Send to Make Your Dress with a Seamstress or a Local Designer

This is an excellent choice because you can have direct involvement in the design of your dress. Inquire among your friends and family and ask for recommendations. You want to be sure of the good reputation of the service provider of your choice. Besides saving, you will probably request a design just as you like and made just for you, it will be unique. So it really is the dress of your dreams come true literally.

2 – Rent of First Use Clothing

This means that the designer makes a dress especially for you and your wedding, but at the end of the event would come back and he can rent to other brides. This option is a win-win situation for the designer and the bride. Particularly for designers who are just starting their career in the world of brides or famous designers who are opening market in a new location for the bride is also win-win situation.

3 – Hire a Wedding Dress

Both bride costumes, wedding dresses and wedding party attires are rented. In fact, in much of Asia this practice is not only the standard but brides rent 2, 3, and up to 4 different wedding outfits for photography studios and for the very day. So why choose one style when you look fabulous in what you want. Of course, if it comes to economics, this can be an excellent choice. You can usually find the most famous and flattering designs at a good price.

4 – Buy Your Dress Online

Sites like e-bay, Craigslist, Amazon and other auction sites and online sales can be the best of both worlds as you buy a dress you love at a great price. This also is a great choice if you are looking for a vintage dress. You may have to make a few alterations to any dress you buy online but if you buy wisely, it is certainly worthwhile.

5 – Borrowing Dress of Your Mother, Friend or Relative

It is an excellent choice as a beautiful dress can be revitalized and look incredibly good for your day. Without having the added emotional value of a dress that has seen great moments of love and that has come to you also because of the affection that you have for the person who pays you. Measuring wedding dress body type is important in this case.


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