5 Items to Remove Pet Hair from Carpets and Furniture

5 Items to Remove Pet Hair from Carpets and Furniture

When it comes to the love of pets, one should also be ready to face pet hair issue which is quite common these days as a large number of people having pets but many of them have sold out their pets only because they find it almost impossible to get rid of their fallen hairs. However, this is not as difficult as it seems to be and there are some very useful things that you can do to overcome this issues. These things are as follows;

1 – Lint Roller

First of all, you can use lint roller which has been designed to remove pet hairs quickly from clothing, sofas, cushions and other hidden areas. You simply need to roll lint slowly on the area and the hairs will be removed immediately.

2 – Sticky Tape

As an alternative to lint roller, you can use sticky tape which is a little longer than the lint roller, but works equally or even more effectively. However, its effectiveness greatly depends upon the stickiness of outside of the tape you are using.

3 – Hair Brush

You can also use hair brush to be used on rugs and for this purpose you don’t have to buy expensive brush but only a good quality and cheaper priced brush will work perfectly. But you should know that how you will be using the brush as a wrong direction will not work as it should.

4 – Carpet Sweeper

The carpet sweepers are considered to be old fashioned but if you use them, they still work greatly to remove out all hairs or other dust from the floors and carpets. You can also buy them at cheaper quality as they will cost you a little less.

5 – Vacuum Cleaner

One more thing you can do is that you can buy good quality vacuum cleaners and they are really great in providing the most effective solution for hair problem. There are exclusively designed vacuums for dog hairs and you can buy them at good price.

Final Words

The above are some of the solutions to help you get rid of pet hair fall, but the most effective of them is surely the use of vacuum cleaner as they provide you ease when you are using them for picking up hairs from hidden places. In fact, you just need to find the best vacuum for picking up dog hair to remove them out of your house.


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