5 Top Rated Fishing Kayaks

5 Top Rated Fishing Kayaks

The kayak fans need not to worry about which kayak to get. Just start making a checklist of features you want in your ride. Match your checklist with the product that matches the most with your options. The kayak being the suitable according to your demands and according to your budget will surely be the right one for you. Here is the list of top rated fishing kayaks.

1 – Ocean 12-Feet Malibu

It has the capacity of 1, 2 and even for couple along with child. It can hold the weight up to 375-425 lbs. It has been designed in three seating position; stern, bow and the middle position is ideal for paddling or tandem along with a child. The seats are extra comfortable and are almost three seats. There are three seat-wells, patented foot wells and skid plate. There can be easy and bulky storage in the deck and in the hulls. It is for all sizes so the leg length may be comfortable for anyone who wants to fit in.

2 – Sun Dolphin Aruba 10

A huge cockpit which is open along with back laid broad seats, which are also padded and adjustable. The gear storage is convenient with shock cord deck available. The installed foot braces are also adjustable. The body is made up of UV-stabilized Fortiflex® which is a High Density Polyethylene. It also facilitates with carrying handles for transportation when and water bottle holder for the convenience.

3 – Sea Eagle SE370

The most affordable and portable kayak ever made. It can hold up to 650 pounds in total weight which means there can even be three people in the kayak. It takes only 8 minutes to Inflate and assemble. Its own weight is just 32 pounds. The length is measured to be 12 feet, 6 inches by 2 feet, 10 inches.

4 – Town Canoes & Kayaks Vapor 10

It is a single-user kayak, which makes it ideal for having some alone time at the lakes, ponds, and slow moving rivers. It is highly durable even though it is made by single layer linear polyethylene. An adjustable paddling seat that can keep your body relaxed for an all-day paddling experience. It also has a paddle rest in the cockpit. The high thighs and knees pads make it more comfortable to paddle.

5 – Lifetime Manta

The ultimate one which is designed for single and 2 people, tandem use. The maximum weight it can carry is 500 lbs. It has 2 pairs of sided paddles and 2 soft backrests. It is considered to be lightweight as it only weights 60 lb. It is designed with molded front and rear handles to carry for transportation. It has a tunnel hull. This hull is designed in such a way that it provides ultra-stability to the kayak. It also gives the tracking almost impossible to get over. The “High and Dry” is enough to keep the rider far above the kayak’s floor. A 5-year limited manufacturer warranty allows the user to be in a better state than just too worried.


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