5 Top Rated Kayaks

5 Top Rated Kayaks

We all want something unique top have in our life but a few of us get to do the unique things in life. Among the unique things, one is kayaking. Kayaking is an experience everybody wishes to have. This experience cannot be made enjoyable without a comfortable, spacious and smooth kayak. The buyer always look for the quality of the construction and the quantity of features in the top rated kayaks. The best ones are usually the most expensive ones. Therefore the first thing you need to do to buy a kayak is that you need to think about your budget. This will allows you to look for the kayaks within your affordability. Here is a list of the top kayaks of 2017 to help you as a guide to what you might need when you want it.

1 – Outdoor Stinger 3

This kayak has a triple PVC layer which enables the punctures to be less effective. The chambers that have different valves which help at the time of a puncture. This product has all the traits of a traditional one. It keeps moving unless the entire camber gets damaged. This product is a light weight product which only 25 weighs pounds. It is smooth which makes it handles the waves well. The cockpit is not as roomy as everyone might want it to be.

2 – Sevylor Colorado

This kayak is made up of an 18- PVC. This makes this model strong enough on the water to go through heavy waters with the hurdles of rocks and larger waves. It consists of an adjustable set of rod-holder so that you need not to do adjustments over and over again. It features built-in paddle holders. Another important feature are the mesh built-in gear pockets. The multiple air design which allows the kayak to stay stable in the case of some emergency. This model also supports motor mounting.

3 – Sea Eagle Pro

This kayak model can hold 650 pounds. Which does not mean 650 weighing of people and pounds of gear but altogether 650 pounds both.  This model can perform the functions of fishing, yacht tending, and paddling and even might help you get adventurous enough for you to try diving. It has its own drainage system installed to clean up after the mess you made after coming from a ride. It has a good deal, it comes with a carrying bag and a pump. The hull is made for the salt water and UV-resistant. It might be the best kayak to take your pets on a ride for.

4 – Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Sport

This model has a sit easy design. The cockpit has a lot of leg room space but not much space for the gear. It is designed in such a way that it is nearly suitable for all kind of water conditions. It has the feature of easy to fold. The balance is next to perfect which makes it extremely stable. The body and design give a smooth ride even on a little tough water conditions.


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