5 Tricks to Create the Best YouTube Thumbnails

5 Tricks to Create the Best YouTube Thumbnails

YouTube is a continually growing industry that not only gives users creative freedom but also employment. The company has turned into a major corporation, with some content creators enjoying immense popularity while making millions. It is hard not to notice that these success stories do have a hidden formula or a pattern that works for them.

YouTube is highly dependent on views because that is how the algorithm works. If you have more pictures, then your video will be recommended by YouTube more, and then you can reach more people. There are several reasons why someone views a particular video. One of them has to be the thumbnail.

The thumbnail is a preview of your video that tells the viewer about the video only using images, graphics, and text. There are some things that a creator needs to keep in mind while designing the thumbnail for their video.

Add a primary image

The thumbnail needs to convey what the topic of your video is, using a limited amount of text or an image. Folks at 4Hub suggests that thumbnails with relevant pictures on them work far better than just the version. So, it is incredibly important to choose a primary photograph.

For example, if a video is about a book review, it could have a picture of the book being reviewed along with the text of its name. It could also have an image of the creator holding this book. While you add this picture, the background and outline are also essential.

Applications like Photoshop can be used to create compelling thumbnails that focus on the topic of the video and attract viewers.

Adding a trademark pattern or icon

This step is essential to familiarize the audience. Creators can insert a specific logo or image or even a simple design that is unique to their videos. Every time a viewer comes across the video, they can observe the image and recognize the creator. It can be as simple as lines at the edge of the thumbnail.

This gives the viewer something to remember the channel by. If they enjoy the channel’s content, they will recognize the trademark symbol and click on the video, knowing it is from that particular channel.

While this is a great addition, it is essential to remember not to overcrowd the thumbnail with too much information. Viewers should be able to understand the content of the video without getting confused.

Adding Text

The text is an essential part of the thumbnail. The book needs to convey the topic of the video in the least amount of words. For example, if the video is about the best guitars you can buy for 22 dollars, the video should be, “Best $22 Guitars”. That is just three words, but it conveys everything the video is trying to show.

Using numbers and symbols instead of text also helps present information using less space. Space is an essential factor as it should be a priority to place the book in a manner that does not clash with the picture of graphics in the thumbnail, keeping in mind the alignment.

Show the face

It can be unconditionally said that videos that have the creators face in them perform far better than videos that don’t. Viewers are pulled into videos like these as they can see a glimpse of the creator in the thumbnail. It also adds to the overall impact of the video. What the creators need to keep in mind is what these pictures look like.

The primary method would be to use images that show a dramatic reaction based on the nature of the video. Emotions like happiness, anger, or sadness can give the viewer an idea about what the video is about. The picture could also have the creator with the item they are talking about.

For example, if the video is about a makeup tutorial, the image can be a picture of the creator with either the products they will be using or the finished look. This will attract the viewers to watch the video.

Reaction – worthy title

While the alignment and number of words in the text matter, the content should also be one that induces a response of the viewer, forcing them to watch the video. The creator could take the most exciting bit of the video in the form of a quote or report something that happened, which makes the viewer want to watch the video.

For example, adding a text like, “I got kicked out of Walmart” to your thumbnail is going to make the viewers want to see exactly what happened. The video could have many other things, but only the most exciting part makes it to the thumbnail. While doing this can help gain a large number of views,

it is also essential to not get carried away and add titles to your thumbnail that talk about events that do not occur in the video. Click-bait titles might work for one or two videos, but they do not guarantee viewership in the long run while ruining the reputation of the channel.

The thumbnail is an incredibly important part of how your video is viewed because it tells the viewer something about the video before they watch it. It is essential that the video’s first impression is a good one.

A good thumbnail can help creators present their videos in the best way possible.


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