5 Useful Online Shopping Apps

5 Useful Online Shopping Apps

1 – Fivefly

This is also a good application and it allows you to organize the shopping lists and create categories, separating them by color to make the interface easier to read. You can add photos and read barcodes and can add and change of currency. You may also share your information with other devices and make a backup of your lists if you lose your Android data.

2 – Myshopi

This is a free application that will help you to make the shopping list and it will help you save time as well. The best point of Myshopi is its easy interface with many images to help you organize your lists. It is organized by product categories and adds notes and comments to each item. Also you can view a history that will show more or less popular products. Finally, this app lets you send your lists by email or SMS and this app is free to download and use from Google Play.

3 – Amazon Mobile

Android App from Amazon sales portal allows the users to analyze the content and purchase department to find the goods and compare the prices as well. The user can see the reviews of other users as well and buy directly from the device being used to view. Applying Amazon Mobile also allows the users to scan the barcodes for instant access to the information and product price. It is a simple application and it is reliable and effective for the reason that it is from one of the largest shopping stores in the world. The app can be obtained at no cost from Google Play.

4 – eBay Android App

This is a basic application for the buyer of old items and for to have view of the regular auctions of eBay as well as those who have to sell anything kept it their house. As on the eBay website, you can browse the different products and category pages, looking for what you need or looking for the auctions that interest you most. You can save your most frequent searches for alerts and make purchases from your mobile device. It is more than obvious that it is also available without any charge and can be downloaded from Google Play.

5 – IKEA Catalogue

This app makes purchasing at IKEA easier. With this application, you can no longer make a visit to their stores. You can get information about their products, catalog offers that are current and your nearest store’s timings, addresses, contacts numbers which are fully updated. It is free and at accessible at Google Play

Last Words

The technology has played wonders and has reduced human efforts to a greater extent as you don’t have to pick a pen and paper as you can easily make your online shopping list with your digital devices.


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