6 Things to Know When Hiring Maid Service

6 Things to Know When Hiring Maid Service

The busy life of women have made it almost impossible to spare some time and spend in cleaning of their houses and therefore, most of them prefer to get maid service for dealing with the cleaning issues. If you are one of those who have just decided to get maid service, you better know some important things before you appoint someone for this purpose.

1: Credibility of Service Providers

As you are hiring someone for your house, you have to be very careful in making the right selection as a lot of incidents of theft and robberies have happened in the past in which the maids were found to be involved and this bitter reality makes it more important to check out the credibility of the service providers.

2: Use Your Contacts &References

The second important thing is to look for the references. If the company has been operating in the field for many years, it must have developed a big circle of clients and may be some of your relatives or colleagues also getting their services. In this case, it will be easier for you to find out more about the company.

3: Employees Background Checks

The company must have checked out references of the employees to be 100% sure that they don’t have some kind of criminals’ records. If they don’t care about it, this can be extremely dangerous and you must ask them about it. 

4: Insurance of the Company

During cleaning, it might also happen that the maid falls down or slips on the floor and might also get minor or major injuries. In this case, homeowner policy has to be used to cover the accident, however, if the company is fully insured, it may be liable for incident coverage as well as the employee. Therefore, it is also important to make sure that the company you are hiring is insured.

5: Status of the Workforce

There are various companies which employ subcontractors and in this case, they neither train their staff nor get them insurance liability. These factors can affect the quality of cleaning services and in most the cases, clients don’t get satisfied with those companies.

6: Supply of Cleaning Products

Many of the services will demand you to provide cleaning products to the cleaning workers while the other will supply from their stores and if they do it, you must make sure that they are using the products with no harmful chemicals which can be extremely harmful for the kids and pets. Therefore, it is really important to hire only from the professional cleaning companies.


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