6 Tips to Clean & Maintain a Hermes Birkin 30cm Bag

6 Tips to Clean & Maintain a Hermes Birkin 30cm Bag

The demand of the Hermes Birkin 30 cm bags has become more and more with every passing year, so it is a great challenge for Hermes to maintain the quality and standard. So far the company is doing greatly.

Now moving on to the maintenance of these Hermes Birkin 30 cm bags is also very important as a costly bag requires a lot of care to make it last for years. Hermes Birkin 30 cm bags need special care to make them stay clean and last for a longer period. Let us see some steps to keep these bags maintained.

  1. The one very basic way is to use wipes on your Hermes Brikin bag which is free from chlorine, perfume or any alcohol substance. In order to clean the marks on your Hermes bags baby wipes are ideal for use. You can use these wipes after every week or a month. Try to use baby wipes which are free from harsh chemicals and will look after your bag perfectly.
  2. The main priority of you is to make the bag clean and look good. For that you need to cover the bag in its specific cover given at the time of purchase. Another important step is to keep it somewhere where it is covered after the use. If you are not provided with the branded cover then you can use your own made up of soft pillowslip.
  3. You must handle the bag with clean hands so it doesn’t get dirty from inside while using it. Also do not out any pointed stuff in the bag because it can tear the inner stuff resulting in making the bag look old.
  4. It is the dilemma with girls that they are makeup freaks so when putting your makeup in the Herms Brikin bags, you must not scatter the face powder and stuff like that in it, rather you should keep it in a small pouch and then place it into the bag to avoid mess.
  5. When it is raining you should not take your leather bag out as it will destroy it.
  6. A very important care to be taken while you are writing something or using a pen needs to be taken when placing a bag near it is concerned. Deliberately, avoid placing the Hermes Birkin 30 cm near such activities because the stain from a pen is hard to remove and spoils the material on the Hermes Birkin 30cm bag.

If you are going to buy Hermes hang bags from a person or from any other website keep remember few things in your mind

1 – The Person Must Be Known

Sometimes people make you fool and deliver you replica of the bags, because these bags are expensive so people usually sell replica as these are available in market. Vendors may cheat you and sell fake products on high prices so make sure you know the person or the person must be trustworthy.

2 – Do Market Research                

Make sure you know the original price of bags, if you know about the market value of the bags no one can make you fool. Don’t trust on one person do market research ask from different sellers, check the websites, know the difference between replica or original Hermes handbags. Check for the official logos and other marks that validate the originality of the product.

3 – Ask Questions From The Seller

Do ask as many questions as you can from the seller because usually seller do sweet talks and they could cheat you, by asking question you get to know that person has the genuine products or not. Remember; be satisfied before buying the bags as you may end up buying a fake or copied product that would led you to regret in the future

4 – First Check Then Buy

Make sure when you are buying from any seller first check the quality of bag and then buy, because sometimes you see in the picture it looks good but the delivered product didn’t match with the showcased one.

5 – Make Sure You Buy From The Hermes

Try not to buy from any other website, buy from the Hermes because Hermes gives you original bag not the copied products and you can trust on, as you know these bags are expensive and not everyone buy these bags because of the price so make sure you buy from Hermes not any seller

6 – Buy Cash On Delivery

If you are buying from any particular seller so don’t pay them advance usually people take money from you and then run away and later you get to know that the person is fake or the website is fake. Make sure you order things for which payments are made at the time of delivery. Usually working women buy Hermes bags so remember these tips before buying Birkin bag, so that people doesn’t make you fool and you can get right bag from right person at right time.


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