6 Tips to Increase Visits and Likes to Your YouTube Videos

6 Tips to Increase Visits and Likes to Your YouTube Videos

Did you upload your video on YouTube, but many days have passed and you see that you have got only a few visits? Do not worry, it is common even in companies that do know their content is well positioned in case of text but they fail to position in case of their videos. In this post, we will talk about how to get more visitors to your YouTube videos.

Throughout my activity in this exciting world of digital marketing and more specifically video marketing, I have seen how most customers place a great interest in video content, but once the video has been uploaded to YouTube or any another platform, think the work is already done.

The content is essential for conversion, that is, to get visitors to become customers, but to get that many people to see your YouTube video by your target audience, to do a good job of high ranking is vital and this is usually the last action to take place. One easy way to do it to buy YouTube likes and views or you can apply a few tricks to make it happen organically.

It is not enough to upload the video on YouTube. Here I will share with you 5 most common mistakes committed in YouTube ​​video marketing, so you can avoid them and get your videos index well on YouTube and get more visits.

1 – Select the Most Effective Keywords

Before you even make the video, you have to know what the most searched keywords with less competition are that appeal to your target audience. Tools such as keyword tool from Google AdWords can help you. If you have not devoted necessary time to this activity, first select the most effective keywords or the rest of the efforts will be a waste of your time.

2 – Include Main Keywords in Title

The most important thing is to insert keywords in the title. The earlier they appear in the title, the better it is. You may also add keywords below if you want something that gives meaning to the title. If you want ranking first, you have to focus Google, YouTube and your viewers too. It may sound but, when you try it, it will not be that hard.

3 – Include Keywords in Description and Tags

The keywords should also go in the description and tags. The tags should include different variants of the keywords that have come out as most effective in your search of keywords.

4 – Focus on YouTube Platform

YouTube is Google and it always will rank for the same video uploaded to YouTube than of any other platform. Vimeo is a platform to upload videos that allows you a more attractive design, but if you want visits and ranking, do not hesitate and focus your efforts on YouTube first.

5 – Get Likes

If you receive many Likes, this factor will help you rank higher. For quicker results, it is also advisable to buy YouTube likes from a reliable firm selling YouTube likes.

6 – Comments

The comments also appear under your videos if you spread your video in Google+ and your followers leave comments. If you have a large number of followers on Google+, it is easier to have more comments, so share your videos to Google+ as well.


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