8 Exercises Myths Among Women Which Actually Help In Burning Fat

8 Exercises Myths Among Women Which Actually Help In Burning Fat

Today we will talk about 9 myths about exercises that help burn fat.

1 – I don’t lift weights because I do not want to look like a man.

The only way to see us as a man is when we lift huge weights, super heavy, go to the gym like 5 hours a day and if we eat a huge amount of food.

2 – They say that you should not do cardio on an empty stomach.

The reality studies have shown that if we want to lose weight quickly, we must cardiovascular exercise at the time we get up. We must not overdo more than 40 minutes, because at that time our body uses fat.

3 – Weight training machines are better than those dumbbells out there.

Really good machines were designed for men, sometimes made little difficult to use, plus you cannot have a balance in our muscles as you do with dumbbells, because in them we have the most balanced weight. So look you can do weights and get good results.

4 – You do not have to exercise every day to lose weight.

Well, and why not, if the week has 160 hours, you can spend 6 hours a week in the gym, exercising to be fine, because that’s nothing really tough.

5 – If you are sweating a lot, it is not fit.

Who said that, on the contrary, when a person sweats a lot in the gym, it is a sign that she is an athletic person and your body is working at full speed and the toxins are coming out. So you do not have to worry about it; if you do not sweat now, you have to worry.

6 – The abdominals are the best exercises to lose belly.

I will say that these are not designed to combat the abdominal fat, but they simply help you tone the muscle, but see you have lost weight, why better not do high intensity exercises as involving your abdomen, involving other parts of your body and I assure you that if you do that, you will have a sexy stomach.

7 – I do not exercise because it makes me go very hungry.

On the contrary, it is proven that when you do high intensity exercises, they help to cut and suppress appetite.

8 – They say that is better to run than walk.

It’s the same thing and there is only one difference between running and walking, and it is that when you run you do it faster and when you walk, you take a little longer. There are strategies you can learn for burning the same amount of calories.

As you could see these are only a few myths about exercises that help burn fat, acting as the excuses to stop us beginning to be active. Remember that exercise is fundamental, especially when we want to lose weight, so this should be a priority. For more effective results, you can try Slim & Save and lose as much weight as you want in not time.


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