8 Questions to When You Buy a Luxury House on a Beach Property in Dubai

8 Questions to When You Buy a Luxury House on a Beach Property in Dubai

Are you thinking of buying a luxury house on the beach? Whether home or apartment, investigate the following aspects before you make the final decision.

1 – Do you have access to the sea?

A beach housing area does not mean necessarily having easy and quick access to the beach. Even some who have the beach in front require to move to another location, usually close enough, to access beach.

2 – How much time is the sea?

The coastal towns have many tourist-resort communities. They might buy a house ‘near the sea’ but it take half an hour to access the beach.

3 – What type of beach is it?

Not all beaches are the same. Some have very gentle waves, ideal for families with young children or people who are not swimmers, others are known for their strong waves, ideal for surfing, and there are other unsuitable for swimmers.

4 – Is it in a hurricane zone?

This will influence the maintenance, and you might have to put shutters or window guards at the right time to vacation there.

5 – What is included in maintenance?

Investigate about immediate and further cost, so check what kind of care has been offered to the property. It can range from maintenance and cleaning of the garden and outdoor areas to paint and repair of roofs in case of building.

6 – What amenities does the community or building have?

Get ready for visits from family or friends. Check if you have clubhouse, sports courts, access to marinas for boats, barbecue arrangement, swimming pool and children’s play area. Usually these amenities give more value to the property, but may increase the cost of your maintenance fee.

7 – What other facilities and attractions are about?

Normally luxury houses are considered when the family is on vacation, so you like to have nearby restaurants or typical food, shops and tourist attractions, but also find out if you have access to major transport, hospitals, pharmacies and medical facilities.

8 – Will there be construction clogging your access to view or beach?

Do not assume that what you see at any given time, in a brochure, on the internet, or physically when you go to see the property will be always the same. Find out if there are plans of further construction in the area which can be a hindrance for you to enjoy the house on a beach.

In this article, I will present the features to notice when you intend to get luxury houses to buy on a beach in Dubai.

1 – Beach quality

What it is the most important aspect you consider in a beach destination if you go to buy a luxury house there? Of course, the good beaches and I hope you answered the same. If the beach is recognized, it must have some important certifications. But keep in mind that many might not have any such certification, but they are equally valuable as they have white sand, clear waters and pristine beaches where there is still no crowd.

2 – Type of Construction

You have to check if it is a beach location with many buildings with the latest type of construction or the buildings are old and have metal have rusted over time. To be safe is the top priority, so make it clear if the building fulfills all the safety codes. It is sure way to have peace of mind and personal safety while having luxury houses to buy on the beach.

3 – Proximity to the Beach

Make it a destination for sun and beach means you have beach fences, but it is not necessarily your house will. Think first what matters, if a nearby beach which you can walk to reach, if the beach is direct and literally at your feet, well these are rarest and most expensive properties, or if you will be required to drive. In short, the time to reach the beach is important, because you can have one in front, with a beautiful view and it is private.

4 – Easy Access to Roads

You will also see the feature in ads since it is worth mentioning. The property agents use items such as convenient access to major highways, airports and shopping malls. It sounds nice that you disconnect all, but the reality is that you will now need to buy things including groceries and it is especially important to have the security that you have adequate access to roads that will not stop in case of daily commutation and emergency. Thus, you must ensure this aspect when you have a luxury house to buy in Dubai.

5 – Furniture & Decoration

It is a favorable point if the luxury houses are fully equipped, furnished and professionally decorated, especially for those who need luxury houses on immediate basis or who plan to replace all the old furniture. This may not save money but makes life easier for the buyer who does not intend to bring furniture from where he/she lives at present.


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