8 Steps to Earn Money On Steemit

8 Steps to Earn Money On Steemit

Can you guess that you can earn money without leaving the comfort of your homes?

This is as simple as 1,2,3… But you need to devote some time, you must be able to read, write and think. I will try to show you how easy and simple it is. Just read on these steps and apply the time when you are ready to earn!

  1. Save your password

Few tips I found, that you must write your password in your favorite book or on your desk. This is one of the most important thing because if you lose it there isn’t any way to generate new one.

  • Build steem power for you

You steem power become stronger with every single upvote and every follow form the other people as you earn money every single cent build up your power. Each action on your blog makes your wallet bigger and your steem power keeps growing.

  • Use Images

As soon as you have your story on only text this is just a boring piece. Use images in order to make your blog post or story much more attractive for others in the community. Try to use the images and graphics that you own to get 100 percent appreciation by Steem.it community.

  • Do not sleep but Steem

When you are going to make money do not forget to use steem in your free time. You can for instance watching television about this only steem. Say no to your boring daily life and yes for interesting and unique Steemit community. Spending more time on Steemit community let you make more money!

  • Read and give comments

You can also comment to earn a bit or lots of money, it depend on if that article is good and it attracts most of the viewers however even so it can build your Steem Power gradually

  • Write on thoughts that are interesting to you

Steemit is a community where writers can write about their interests. Take it as your own blog to express your ideas to other people.

  • Chat with people in community

Steem chat is best place to discuss with people to get help to promote your posts and grow your wallet at the same time. Therefore keep speaking with these people.

  • Have Fun

It should not be boring task to earn money however it must be interesting. Make your time more steem and more attractive. Just have fun earning money on Steem.chat


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