9 Cooking Utensils You Must Have In Your Kitchen

9 Cooking Utensils You Must Have In Your Kitchen

If you’ve just gotten independent and started in the kitchen, you are probably wondering what cookware you need? In the kitchen, there are a lot of elements to prepare delicious dishes, so I want to share my collection of the basic kitchen utensils, since without them, I feel that my favorite place of the house is empty.

1 – Cutting Board

The cutting board is an indispensable element in the kitchen, as it serves to cut or chop food, both raw and cooked. In the market, there are wood and plastic, the latter being easier to clean.

To avoid the risk of food poisoning, wash your cutting boards with warm water and soap and immediately dry them with paper napkins and store them in a dry and upright position.

If this tool is broken, with cracks or other imperfections, you must replace it with a new one. Have one on a table for meat products and another for vegetables, thus, avoiding the transfer of microorganisms known as cross contamination.

2 – Measures

When we see recipes on the internet, in a magazine or in a book, sometimes we find exact amounts of ingredients, so we cannot use a cup or a spoon for reference. For this reason, it is best to get measuring units in form of cups, jars or spoons.

3 – Frying pan

Whether frying potatoes or making a chard omelet, a good pan is highly important. The best thing is to acquire a high quality, even more expensive, since in the long run it will be worth it.

4 – Kneading Stick

It is one of the most useful kitchen utensils when it comes to stretching pasta and fondant to cover the cakes. They are available in ceramic, plastic, wood and metal.

5 – Blender

This small appliance will be of great use if you mainly bring other accessories such as rods to mix and mount cream or egg whites to the point of snow without having to do it by hand.

6 – Knives

A knife kit will not do anything wrong in your kitchen. Select a bread knife, a chef knife, a peeler and a lace knife.

7 – Pots

Buy a pot or a large casserole to make stews or cook pasta and a saucepan to heat milk or other things.

8 – Bucket, Skimmer and Spatula

These cooking utensils are usually obtained together, that is, in a kit and are the best allies when it comes to getting things out of the pan, serving the sauce, et cetera. Silicone is much more hygienic than wood.

9 – Strainer

Many of us have drained the pasta trying to hold the lid of the pot, so that the food does not go away with the liquid. However, that procedure is not safe at all, so I advise you to get a strainer. With it you can also wash vegetables, shed potatoes, and so on. Choose wire mesh because they are more resistant to high temperatures.

These are basic cooking utensils selected since you will use them almost daily. To know the best brand for buying all these cooking utensils, vising Vremi1 cooking products. Vremi is the brand I prefer and would suggest you to try it.


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