9 Tips to Attract the Big Business

9 Tips to Attract the Big Business

1 – Price? It is not a problem!

Although a low price might help win contracts, most experts agree that an SME should not be competing on price and other terms of quality in the products or services offered. The competition rather than price is in the results. In an industry like advertising, it is very difficult to manage a fixed price, but we can win big with elements perceptible as confidence, strength and creativity.

You may not give prices in the starting but wait until the client introduces an approximation of the work to be performed, then normally accept without problems. A trained client must have a budget to invest in every action arises and what you will propose will be the optimal management. The price always are going to make the market. SMEs can remain competitive in prices because they enjoy lower overhead costs and structure and a higher level of expertise and flexibility. SMEs suffer from lower production volumes and less purchasing power, but can compensate with more customized products and services to the customers.

2 – Small in Size but Big in Capacity

To attract the big ones, you have to present yourself being big in capacity too to prove yourself worthy enough and be rewarded with the desired project. You should conduct market research and show data of the profitability generated by your campaigns for your previous customers.

This step will require a great level of confidence and enthusiasm when you compile the data to present in front of your big fish. Therefore, utter professional approach and processes are required to execute this step so that your prospect can really completely believe in whatever you say and feels so compelled to only agree with your proposal.

3 – Pamper Your Customers

Building relationships is always critical and crucial. In the relationship with the customer, SMEs must offer personalized approach and be closer to the great deal and in this sense can change the customer relationship; first as a supplier, the customer has to see you as a partner. It is not difficult, for example, that all employees know every customer by name and surname, or even capable of recognizing voice only when phoning, so involved yourself with the customer one hundred percent.

4 – Business Leadership

It is very important that you skills of business leadership when you are managing your business, employees and customers, so present yourself as a business leader.


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