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9 Ways to Get the Look of Interior Design You See in Magazines

9 Ways to Get the Look of Interior Design You See in Magazines

Do you always want to have the interior design of your house you see in the magazines i.e. with beautiful lighting, the details of fashion and order? Let me tell you a secret, those houses are fiction. To achieve those images, special lamps are used along with programs of editing of images, apart from removing, putting and moving furniture and accessories that you may not use daily in the house itself, so they are just for the image. Here I will tell you the tricks to achieve the similar effects with cheap interior design sources and here you should remember that you keep your house comfortable for yours.

1 – Add Natural Flowers

As for the type of flowers, the roses have become cliché, or too common option. The most popular are the peonies, and other large pastel flowers are also trendy. You can take advantage of spring to look for unexpected flowers and create your own bouquets. In the winter, decide for darker shades, although given the lack of flowers in this time, plants may be your best choice.

2 – Don’t cover the Windows!

Have you ever noticed a window with curtains closed in magazines? Unless you are promoting the fabric, surely not. The reason for this is that natural lighting is very important in the cheap interior design resources, and you cannot achieve it with any type of lamps. This does not mean that you have to forget about the curtains, you should use them as they add texture to the interior decoration. What you should remember is that you open them as much as possible.

3 – Cleanliness and Organization

These are your first steps and the ones that will surely take more time and will enable you to get rid of everything that you do not use. You either donate or sell, but remove all the unnecessary belongings from your house. Whatever is left, try to organize it and find a place for each item, preferably, where they are not visible. You can also invest in nice baskets and boxes that can be part of your interior design.

4 – Hold a Color Palette

Now let’s talk about color. This is important to create the environment you want, as different tones affect feelings in different ways. You can choose a palette that works with space, the pastels are relaxing and fresh, the vibrant colors are more elegant and dramatic. The cool colors bring relaxation, while the warm, energize.

Make the decision for three colors for your environments. The principal color will be used in sixty percent of the space, as in the walls. The secondary color will be used in thirty percent of the space, as in furniture and textiles. The third color, which will give personality to the space, will be used in ten percent of the space in accessories. It is important to keep this color palette, so that the space is consistent. Although you can use different shades of each color, try not to create a rainbow in your house.

5 – Uses Trend Details

Magazines are there to show you what’s hot, and if you want to make your house look fashionable, you must implement trends as well. This does not mean that you should change your environment completely every time you announce the colors of the year, but you can make simple changes.

When implementing trends, it is important to do so in a way that it is not permanent, unless the trend is quite classic or something that you want to keep for several years. Fashion patterns, for example, can be implemented on cushions instead of a wallpaper. The same with colors, instead of painting your entire house, paint only a wall of accent, and use a color that matches those you already have. The elements of the moment can be added in small details instead of expensive furniture. I recommend keeping your interior design cheap, so that you can change your accessories and colors easily.

6 – Invest in Quality Furniture

The quality furniture makes a big difference in the interior design. Although we all start buying cheap furniture, over time it is important that you start replacing them. Not only do they achieve a better decoration, but they also last longer, so you can focus on decorative details and art.

When you are ready to buy quality furniture, you can do it in two ways. First, you can visit decor stores and choose the furniture you need. You can start piece by piece, or by environment. Make up for classic furniture to pass the test of time. Remember, trends are best implemented in detail. Although in magazines you can see designer furniture, these are usually only special pieces that are used for editing, or if it is a private house, they are used as focus pieces. Most of your furniture should be classic and wood.

Your second option is to buy used furniture, but of quality. Antique furniture is often of better quality than new one, and you can renovate it to achieve unique pieces. If your style is more striking, this is the best option for you.

7 – Include Plenty of Art Pieces

Art should not be lacking in your interior design to achieve a personalized style. Your favorite art pieces will depend on your tastes and the style you want to achieve in your house.

The most important thing when hanging pictures is the proportions. More than the content, which will depend on your tastes and style, you must use appropriate sizes. Big paintings always look good. It is also common to see houses where the pictures are too small for space. Remember that the pictures should be at eye level, and should be viewed from a distance.

If you prefer to use small pictures, create a gallery. You can cover a wall or hallway with several small pieces of different sizes. Try to keep something regular such as frame, colors, or style. Beyond that, you can be creative in your way of arranging the pictures. Add other interesting pieces also if you prefer an eclectic decoration.

8 – Fabric

The fabric adds texture to the decor, and will make your house look like a magazine. For your decor to stand out, and it is important to use wide variety of materials and patterns, but be careful when mixing them. The geometric ones look better with the floral ones, since they create contrast. Try to keep a color in common among various fabrics for a coherent look.

Though synthetic skins are not as popular today, they can give personality to your environment. Choose neutral colors, so that you do not draw too much attention. Handcrafted fabrics are very popular, and are a great way to create interest, without competing with the rest of your interior design. If you pay attention to decoration of magazines, you can always find fabrics that stand out, whether in carpets or cushions.

9 – Show Your Personality

You should ensure that you show your personality in your interior design because it’s not enough to have quality furniture, order and eye-catching details only. You must prove who you are with your interior decoration, and this way your house will truly look unique. Photos of your loved ones, although they are not seen in magazines, should be in your house. Travel memories, gifts and other important details, whether they match your decor or not, should be present. Remember that your home should be comfortable for you and no one else can create a cheap interior design that reflects your personality.


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