A Brief Guide to Build a Pergola

A Brief Guide to Build a Pergola

Do you have a beautiful terrace, and you want to beautify it with a pergola. Are you a handyman and you want to build a pergola? And for this purpose, you are looking for advice. This article is for you, here is a guide that will help you make your pergola.

Choose the Location

Before embarking on the construction of your pergola, you must choose the location for it. Measure accurately the space you have available. Next, you must determine the exposure of the sun for the reason that it will be necessary to determine the shadowy area. It is also necessary to take into account the configuration of your house, you can place your pergola in different ways i.e. by leaning against the house. It is an interesting choice if you have a terrace. In addition, there is access to the house and you will also regulate the temperature inside the room. If you choose a farther, you can put it anywhere, in the middle of the garden, in the back of the garden or next to the house.

Choose the Shape

You have to draw the pergola you wish to have, and it will facilitate the making of the pergola. Here are some ideas of pergolas;

  • Triangular with 3 feet
  • Square with 4 feet
  • Rectangular with 4 feet
  • Hexagonal with 6 feet
  • And even octagonal with 8 feet

The square or rectangular pergolas give an effect of size, otherwise the triangular, hexagonal or octagonal pergolas give the impression of a small one.

The Dimensions

The surface of the pergola will depend on several criteria including the use you want to make;

  • For a summer dining area with a table and chairs.
  • For an outdoor lounge with outdoor armchairs.
  • For a coffee break with benches.

It is also possible to choose a kit or to have your custom-made pergola made.

The Material

The choice of material will depend on your use;

  • For a short time, choose PVC.
  • For a long life, take aluminum.
  • For the aesthetic side, take exotic wood or wrought iron.

The Regulatory Formalities

If your pergola measures more than 20m, it will be necessary to envisage a request for a building permit.

If you look at your pergola at home, you have to make a declaration of work because you change the look of your house.

To deal with all these issues easily, hire a professional service for making pergola or a quality verandah for your home.


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