A Brief Questionnaire to Consider When Buying a Child Car Seat

A Brief Questionnaire to Consider When Buying a Child Car Seat

The most appropriate baby car seat is the one that best suits your child’s morphology, compatible with your vehicle and simple to install. Here I present you with a few helpful tips to make your choice easier.

Always remember that weight is more important than the age of child. The car seats are divided into groups, depending on the child’s weight. So you have to take into account the age as well as weight of the child.

The safety experts recommend that when you choose a child car seat, in addition, to the age and weight, and height of the child, you should consider a chair which is more securely adapted to your vehicle. It is also important to keep in mind if the child will make long journeys or if you need to move the chair from one vehicle to another, and what is appropriate for you as parent. It is highly recommended to choose a child seat that attaches to a base, as the base ensures a quick, comfortable and safe installation, so that you have the confidence that your child can travel with absolute safety. The official safety law orders the parents to use a child car seat approved for their child until he is 1.35 meters tall. In some countries, the maximum limit is 1.50 meters.


  • Does the car seat fit with the weight and age of your child and is it wide enough?
  • Is the child car seat approved according to the safety regulations implemented in your country?
  • Does it fit with the capacity in your vehicle?
  • Can it be installed easily?
  • Are the vehicle’s seat belts long enough?
  • Can you use the baby seat in the place you want?
  • Is there room for another car seat next to the new chair?
  • Is it easy to handle?
  • Is your child comfortable in it?
  • Will the baby have a sleeping position in the seat?
  • Do harnesses fit easily?
  • Can your child easily sit and leave the seat?

You are supposed to have the satisfactory answers to these questions before you make the purchase. To ensure them at the time of purchase, go with your vehicle and with your child, so that you can confirm that you choose the appropriate seat and try to install the child seat in your vehicle before buying it. You are supposed to use the child car seat always whether the ride is very long or very short.


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