A Buying Guide for Air Filters

A Buying Guide for Air Filters

If you are looking to buy an air filter, do not miss the following guidelines. There are many people suffering from respiratory problems, usually derived from allergies and asthma. Such reactions and diseases are usually caused by the environment such as temperature, pollution, etc.

A few years ago we had to resign ourselves to accept the conditions imposed by the nature itself, which was also responsible for controlling the atmosphere that reigned in our homes. We enclosed spaces 90% of our time to deal with the challenge of controlling air suspended inside said spaces with particles which becomes practically indispensable for people suffering from allergies and asthma.

To leave unpolluted makers inside the rooms are home air filters. They are sort of robots, more or less autonomous, that are connected to the electrical outlet and are able to quantify and manipulate up to the point of eliminating or eradicating the dirt from the atmosphere in the room where you are.

What air filter should I buy?

Well, as with everything, there are certain considerations that you should not ignore. On the one hand, we have the part that affects only the air filter, while the other is our real need. We must not make the mistake of thinking that being more expensive, an air filter is going to solve the problem better than another that costs half. I highly recommend a deep and sincere reflection of where we are going to use the device, when we are going to use that place and how.

The Importance of Stay

When we buy an air filter, we can see that one of your specifications is the cleaning capacity. It is given in square or cubic meters, depending on the brand. This data indicates the maximum size in area or volume, respectively for the room to clean for optimum results i.e. unbeatable according to the characteristics of the filter. Not the same device can clean the atmosphere of a room of 12 square meters than of 80 square meters. It makes sense, right?

The Importance of Power

The power of an air filter is closely related to its ability to work better. The more power we have, the faster it cleans the air of the room as per the size indicated by the specifications. If the air filter is located in a larger room, the power will be a less important factor, because even it takes longer to perform its function, it will not be to leave the room perfect, but to leave it as clean as possible. If the air filter is, however, located within a smaller room than instructed, power can be reduced to perform the same job that would perform in a larger room to clean the environment thoroughly.


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