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A Guide to Living Fruit Fly Free Life

A Guide to Living Fruit Fly Free Life

The fruit flies are always intending to be doing the nasty habit of destroying your food, more commonly fruits and vegetables, by piercing through them and laying their eggs. The food, of course, turn out to be inedible and so it is thrown into the garbage. If you are a fruit or vegetable vendor or a simple mom running a household filled with food in every corner of the house, then the fruit flies must be a nuisance for you. I this piece of writing, I will share a few guidelines on how to get rid of fruit flies not just temporarily but rather on the permanent basis.

In this regard, the first rule on how to get rid of fruit flies is to impose a clean home environment all the times. And this rule is not just limited for the common areas where the family normally sits but it is rather for every corner of the house. In fact, most of the breeding grounds of fruit flies are in dark, congested and moist areas of the house which include the cracks in walls, narrow holes in your ceiling, the basement, and the other corners of your home.

As for the second rule, you should refrain from leaving food uncovered in the open area. If you are not going to eat it, you should make sure that you store it temporarily in a safe and clean container. Fruit flies are armed with a great sense of smell and they can be attracted by food from a faraway distance as well. In fact, prevention is your best weapon to stay free of the infestation and infections caused by fruit flies.

For cases in which prevention is no longer an option, you can find a variety of fruit fly controlling products that are designed to either repel fruit flies and other insects or to trap and kill them. The products such as fly traps and fly zappers are highly recommended in this regard as they are effective in trapping and killing them. In fact, they are widely used in public areas and not just at home. If you are feeling that this sort of steps will not entirely do the job, you can always seek professional help from experienced pest exterminators to get rid of the fruit flies. You can find out more info pertaining to control these nauseating bugs at numerous online sources.  

Although fruit flies may not be as troublesome as locusts are, they are still some of the various insects that should be watched out for and controlled in your home. The fruit flies feed on foods such as fruits and vegetables as well as use them to harbor their eggs until they are hatched resulting in rotten and health risky foods. In this piece of writing, we will see how you can to get rid of fruit flies without the added hassles of spending too much money and efforts.

1 – Use of Fly Zappers

Here are the most common methods used for getting rid of these pests. One method is that you can use commercially made fruit fly traps such as fly zappers which are light emitting devices and their purpose is to lure in the fruit flies along with other insects like mosquitoes and moths. These devices are also used in public streets and not just for home use.

2 – Use of Specially Made Mixture

Secondly, you can try apple cider vinegar, wine, or beer and add a few drops of soap into it. This mixture will serve as a poisonous bait which can attract a lot of fruit flies due to its strong smell. Since they have a very great sense of smell, so this method is highly effective to exterminate fruit flies.

3 – Use of Vacuum Cleaner

You can also make use of a vacuum cleaner if you have one inside your house. Attach a hose onto the end of the vacuum cleaner and start sucking the fruit flies out of your way.

4 – Ammonia Based Cleaners

Ammonia based cleaners also work well for instances wherein the main area of invasion is the sink or toilet bowl. Pour some of the ammonia based cleaner around the area. However, you should be careful when exercising this method for the reason that the ammonia based cleaner may contain potential harmful substances that may irritate the skin. Other methods of getting rid of fruit flies are to search their breeding area and destroy them. You are supposed to ascertain that every part of your house is inadequate for breeding grounds of fruit flies to further discourage the infestation. In this whole process, you must pay close attention to the standard practices of cleanliness and the whole house and especially kitchen since kitchen is one of the main resources of food for fruit flies.


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