A List of the Most Excellent Restaurants in Different Countries

A List of the Most Excellent Restaurants in Different Countries


This restaurant is cute with good atmosphere, service and food. It is open on Fridays and Saturdays until 2:00 am and at this time it is an ideal place to eat. The atmosphere is cozy and the dishes are small ideal for the dawn.


This restaurant started with a small local in Downtown serving ceviche and other Peruvian dishes. When they became known, they decided to expand. Today, it is a gigantic restaurant as per the Miami standards. It is always full for the reason that it has highly maintained quality. The portions of ceviche are generous and the rest of the dishes are exquisite.

Besh Turkish Kitchen

The restaurant has based the menu on 5 fundamentals with inspirations from cookery book more than 150 years old so as to make the genuine dishes in the city. Their way of cooking and serving has brought them in the list of top restaurants in Dubai in the date of today.

El Hornero

It is one of the most outstanding grill restaurants in Lima for its excellent meats. Also, it emphasizes the skill of the barbecue masters that provides the exact point of cooking of each piece, which becomes water in the mouth. In addition, the place has a rustic wooden atmosphere, which makes it very comfortable.

Portions are generous and service is very good. At this place, it is advisable to hold business and family meetings because of its relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. On the other hand, they offer a red cava with each cut, according to the taste of the customer. Among its dishes are baby beef, grilled salmon, loin, pork chop, strip roast and the most outstanding accompaniment rice with corn. They also offer a variety of Peruvian drinks.

Smith & Wollensky

This restaurant, located on a corner in the channel where the cargo ships enter, is quite a spectacle. You have several levels inside and a bar, but I advise that if it is not raining or it is heat that melts the stones, you feel good outside on the terrace because it is right there where the grace of this place is.

As you eat, you will be astonished as the huge vessels glide along the water beside you and it seems you can touch them. It also has a very pleasant bar. If you are alone or with friends and your plan is to meet someone, take a walk through this bar.


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