A List You Don’t Forget About Essential Furniture

A List You Don’t Forget About Essential Furniture

Furniture is the prime source to decorate a house which reflects your personality and taste in this regard. Therefore, you are supposed to be careful when it comes to choose the furniture and get thorough information on every available item of furniture or else you will end up in a confused and mismatched combinations if you follow your impulses on the go.  

Dining Table

Like the sofa the dining table is a bulky furniture that has to adjust its size to the dimensions of the room and the number of people who will use it. It is generally preferable to buy for those families who usually sit together. Of course, for a single person, it is not a suggested item.

Dining Chairs

Since the dining chairs correspond to the table, they are inevitable if you are want to have a dining table. The dining chairs do not have to be, necessarily, of the same design or color as the table.


If you work at home and it does not matter if you are studying as doing paid work, desk is a piece of furniture that will make things easier. They have been those who were huge and bulky. Now you can adjust a desk even in the smallest corners and they are available in glass, classic and modern styles. Almost all of them come with everything you need, so that you can adapt to your computer, from pull-out shelves for keyboard and cable ties.

Desk Chair

And if you have space problems, and you work at home, the desk chair should be adequate to work, ergonomic and with different heights to suit your back and arms away from the computer keyboard.

Boudoir Chair

It is important to support you when you dress or prepare to leave clothes on it. You can have one or two depending on the space available in your room. They usually have a lower height than the dining chairs.


It is indispensable as support space on the sides of the bed. You can play with the same selecting them symmetry, different to introduce rhythm decoration. If it is a single occupancy room, you can even choose an original piece like a trunk, a set of luggage, an original bench and chairs with history as per the decorative style you can play with different options.

You can get all these times in luxury furniture if you can afford or else you should consider your comfort first.

1 – Remove Side Tables

The general rule is that you need a side table for each sofa or accent chair. But if you want to save space, do not use them. These generally are not used more than for a lamp and some accessories, and although they can add style, they can also make a small room look busy and too crowded. Instead use a central table, in front of the sofa, which is small enough to put some accents. Do not fill many accessories, as this also can make the space look full. Remember to leave space for glasses or the remote control.

2 – Hang TV on the Wall

You do not need a different piece of furniture for TV, especially if it takes your half the room, instead hang it on the wall. Buy a special kit to mount television, and do not forget to verify that it can keep the weight and size of the TV. By putting TV on the wall, you not only save space, but also your room will look more modern.

3 – Install Shelves

In a small room, it can be difficult to give striking pieces add style, and you should use very little furniture. For this reason you should take full walls. Install shelves where you can put pictures, decorative accessories and accents to give more interest to your room. This space is also perfect for storing. Keep your belongings in decorative boxes for shelves to look uniform.

4 – Use Furniture with Storage

If you want your room to look bigger, you cannot have too much in it. For this reason, you should invest in furniture with storage where you can store blankets, movies, remote controls and magazines. Your tables must have drawers or space to put a basket. You can find sofas in which you can store blankets under the seat. If you have a library, be sure to use all available space.

5 – Decorate with Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the accessories that help you win more space, even visually. If your room looks larger, you will also feel more comfortable. Use a large mirror in front of the window to reflect the landscape and have natural light. You can also use several small mirrors together, just keep in mind that they should always reflect light.

6 – Clean and Order

The most important advice to keep in mind is to keep your room neat and clean. If you eat in the room, put plates and glasses back in the kitchen when you finish. If you study, keep the books and notebooks back to the shelves. You need to have the least amount of unnecessary things in this space and it will look bigger.

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