A Practical Way for ECU Remapping

A Practical Way for ECU Remapping

After owning your vehicle for some time, it is important for you to have the engine remapped after some time. Today, all new vehicles operate with the help of an engine control unit (ECU) that is in charge of controlling the engine of the vehicle.

In addition to this, the ECU helps in controlling engine emissions, fuel consumption of the vehicle and, of course, it works to increase the power and efficiency of the vehicle. By remapping the engine, the manufacturer’s vehicle configuration is changed using the help of software in which power and performance are improved.

With ECU remapping, the vehicle’s performance is not only improved, but even its MPG fuel, torque, power and safety are improved too. It also provides a better effect which is very important and necessary in pulling trailers, commercial caravans and even for plowing with tractors.

In addition to all these benefits, the ECU remapping helps to conserve your vehicle’s fuel consumption, which in turn leads to saving you the money. The maximum benefit is experienced in the turbocharged petrol and diesel turbocharged vehicles that have 35% BHP increase and 45% engine torque increase. Nevertheless, the precise savings on fuel you will experience will depend on your own driving style along the weightiness of the right foot.

There is no need to strip or weld the vehicle during the ECU remapping. You can make use of a serial port of the vehicle and your laptop. This is a totally invisible way of remapping of the engine where no one is going to be able to say that the car is remapped, even if you open the ECU.

When considering ECU remapping, it is important that you choose a trusted company to do it for you. These companies have people who are going to read the engine map file, make the necessary modifications and upload it to the ECU.

The hired company should diagnose the engine of the vehicle and this is done only after the company needs time to learn more about the individual’s needs and what he/she wants to achieve with the ECU remapping.

Beware of the companies which offer sub-standard ECU remapping service by using stock files that are available at low cost online. The problem with these files is that they do not fit your individual needs and that is why you will only end up ruining the vehicle’s engine. If you are considering ECU remapping, do it carefully using the help and services of a recognized service or an individual professional.


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