A Quick Guide to Automotive ECU Remapping

A Quick Guide to Automotive ECU Remapping

Most of the cars that are offered for sale in the market today are equipped with an engine control unit, commonly known as ECU. In this unit, there is a programmable chip that controls the power operation of that car.

If you want to get as much work as possible out of your car, consider ECU remapping a car service. As they are manufactured, they receive an automatic adjustment of the ECU. The manufacturer sets to accommodate the average driver. This is a practical step to save money and you can change once the car is sold and if the owner is interested in getting a more powerful performance of your car.

Some of the benefits of using an ECU remapping service include the speed added to the acceleration of your car which means faster overtaking and a smoother ride. You will not have to shift gears as much and your fuel consumption will increase for sure.

If you experience hesitation having your car crossing, you can increase the engine torque. One caution to keep in mind is your personal driving style and how fast you drive. These factors account for the variation of each chip programmed.

The ECU works like a PC in your car because ECU remapping is like doing a software update. The ECU has sensors that track the basic components of airflow and engine temperature and newer and more expensive models than computers that control airbag systems and DVD player.

By connecting a computer to the ECU, the technician is able to read exactly how the car is programmed and how it is being done. He will be able to measure the air-fuel ratio and whether it is correct for fuel efficiency.

If you are plagued with flat spots, the speed range can be checked. Look for an ECU remapping service that offers a custom fit for your specific model and not one directed at the entire manufacturer’s line. You also make sure that the service includes a complete vehicle verification diagnosis to know the state of your engine. The ECU remapping company must know if it does not seem advisable to carry out this process.

Many people are happy with the way their vehicle currently is doing. But if you want to get a little more UMPH or MPG in your driving experience, it sounds like ECU remapping is something for you to check out. When you hire a service, ensure that it can make your car compatible with your driving needs.


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